The Bishop's Journal

Bishop Julius Trimble is in Texas with the United Methodist Church's Immigration Task Force.  Read his personal account ... more

New NC district Superintendency begins

With joy and an invitation to "Come Long Expected Jesus," Rev. Harlan Gillespie was welcomed to the ministry of the Superintendency ... more

Three days of hard work bring blessings

Vida Nueva, the Hispanic ministry in Corwith, Iowa, in the North Central District has exciting news ... more

Facebook and Social Media workshop inspires connections

 “The church is about engagement.” ... more

New Ministry team welcomed

The Southwest District welcomed its Ministry Team during a worship service on September 14, 2014 ... more

The Village is community living

At The Village, the focus is much different...the sense of duty and service resonates with the entire population, providing purpose and passion ... more

Rev. Rebecca Fisher joins Conference on October 1

Rev. Rebecca Fisher will be come the LDM for Evangelism and New Ministry ... more

Farrar UMC grows into a caring future

The Farrar UMC congregation celebrated 125 years in ministry on August 24, 2014, looking forward to a future committed to caring and young people ... more