Teaching Sessions

Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 4:10 pm at the Iowa Events Center

Nine workshops/teaching sessions are set for Saturday afternoon, beginning at 4:10 pm. They include Faith-based Community Ministry; School for Lay Ministry; EmpowHer; Navigating Your Benefits; Tiny House Homeless Project; Women at the Well Community Reentry Program; Mental Health Support and Advocacy; Immigration and Refugee Services and Making a Difference Through Prayer.  Click here to register.  |  Click here to read more about each session.

  • Faith-based Community Ministry  |  Sue Perthoud  |  Room: 301 
  • Tiny House Homeless Project  |  Faith Fowler  |  Room: 302
  • EmpowHer—Successes in Mission Micro-finance  |  Judy Marnin  |  Room: 303
  • Laity Development through the School for Lay Ministry Experience  | John Rothlisberger and Lynn Calver  |  Room: 304
  • Women at the Well Community Reentry Program  |  Lee Schott  |  Room: 305
  • Mental Health Support and Advocacy  |  Gary Gansemer and Julie Heiderschiet  |  Room: 306
  • Immigration—It’s a Big Topic, Let’s Talk!  |  Brynne Howard and others knowledgable on immigration  |  Room: 307
  • Prayer—Making a Difference Through Prayer  |  Bill and Sheryl Daylong  |  Room: 308
  • Benefit Basics: Navigating Your Benefit Options  |  Joni Mardesen  |  Room: 318

True Vine Ministry Fellowship Luncheon

Do you need some fun?

We can't wait to meet you at Annual Conference! 

Come laugh with us, share your questions, aspirations or even your hesitations. Join us for our fellowship lunch at Annual Conference on Saturday, June 10. The lunch will be on the lower level of Hy-Vee Hall beginning at noon in Room 108. Please register online today.

We are looking forward to finally getting to meet Rev. Gary Haller, our new Bishops’ spouse. We encourage every clergy spouse to join us and hope to have a large crowd to welcome him. (Which means we are excited to see a good amount of men in the crowd, so please join us!) We are eager to hear all he has to share with us! 

Click here to register

Need a place to pray?

Find yourself feeling frustrated or overwhelmed at Annual Conference? Take time to pray and talk to God about it. There is a prayer room located on the lower level, room 107 reserved just for this! Check it out and find some peace. Sponsored by the Board of Laity and True Vine Ministry.

Look for True Vine Ministry on Facebook and like us to keep up with our twice yearly events. Or send your email address to jimlynnlouk@mac.com  to get email reminders (only a few per year.)

Contacting us

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
2301 Rittenhouse St. Des Moines, IA 50321 | (515) 974-8900 | communications@iaumc.org