2017-2018 Appointments (Recently Released)

Released by Bishop Haller & the Cabinet
(Appointment date is July 1, 2017 unless otherwise noted)

Newly released appointments in red







Harlan, First-Monroe Chapel (SW)
Wilton, of (SE)
Returned To Denomination
Rochester (EC)
Retirement (EC)
La Porte City, St. Paul (NE)
Silver Creek (07/01/2011) (NW)
Galva, First and Silver Creek (NW)
Discontinued Due to Retirement and Fenton, First
Fenton, First
Brooklyn, Grace (CEN)
Retirement (CEN)
Grundy Center (NE)
Retirement (NC)
Renwick-Goldfield (NC)
Retirement (CEN)
Ankeny, First (CEN)
West Des Moines (CEN)
Leave, Sabbatical (351) (CEN)
La Porte City, St. Paul (NE)
Fairfield, First (SE)
Ankeny, First, Lead Pastor (CEN)
Davenport, Christ (SE)
Leave, Personal (353.2a) (01/01/2017) (NE)
Geneseo (NE)
Spirit Lake (NW)
Retirement (01/01/2017) (EC)
Leave, Personal (353.2a)
Retirement (05/01/2017) (CEN)
Leave, Family (353.2b) (CEN)
Grundy Center (NE)
Hope Parish (Pocahontas,Havelock,Plover) (NW)
Harlan, First-Monroe Chapel (SW)
Retirement (NW)
Merrill, First-Adaville (NW)
Retirement and Algona, First (01/17/2017) (NW)
Davenport, Christ, Deacon (SE)
Williamsburg, St. Paul's, Deacon (EC)
Davenport, Christ (SE)
Williamsburg, St. Paul's (EC)
Hudson (01/01/2017) (NE)
Leave, Transitional (353.2c) (NE)
Retirement (NC)
Eldora (NC)
Retirement (NC)
Woodward (CEN)
Retirement (02/01/2017) (SW)
Leave, Personal (353.2a) (SW)
Geneseo (01/01/2017) (NE)
Hudson (NE)
Retirement and Lacey-Beacon-Eddyville (02/01/2017) (SC)
Lacey-Beacon-Eddyville (SC)
Retirement (11/05/2016) (SE)
Extension Ministry, General Board of Global Ministries, Executive Secretary, Training & Continuing Education (SE)
Retirement (SC)
Rockford, First-Marble Rock (NE)

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