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Eugene Fracek invites understanding and relationship building with Indians


Eugene Fracek was the keynote speaker for the Iowa Methodist Federation for Social Action spring 2014 meeting.  He grew up on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, became the Indian Resource Teacher for the Rapid City School District, served as Indian Education Director for the State of South Dakota, for nearly two decades was an elementary school principal in Des Moines, and now teaches classes at Simpson College on Indians.  He invites building sensitivity and relationships to assist, intentionally distinguishing between symptoms and problems, and gaining an understanding ofthe Indian experience.

Dave Decker elected president of NCJ Lay Leaders


Dave Decker, the Iowa Conference Lay Leader, was recently elected to be president of the North Central Jurisdiction (NCJ) Lay Leaders.  Hear him describe the election and the groups hopes about meeting with the NCJ College of Bishops in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan

Justice for Our Neighbors serves Iowa immigrant communities


Joy Moore, one of the Justice for Our Neighbors staff attorneys describes the legal representation provided by JFON and talks about ways to support JFON's work in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan.  More information about JFON is available at:

First UMC Burlington promotes fair trade at the LOFT


Ann Ure talks about promoting fair trade items at the LOFT of First United Methodist Church, Burlington, during the "soft opening" on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

The ministry of the Diakonos at the Annual Conference session


Pastor Steve Braudt describes the ministry of the Diakonos at the Iowa Annual Conference session and extends an invitation to youth to apply to be one of the 32 who will serve at the June 2014 gathering in an interview with Director of Communications, Dr. Art McClanahan.  Pastor Braudt continues his leadership as the Diakonos' director.

Click here for the application to serve as a Diakonos

A glimpse into the appointment making process


Rev. Brian Milford, Dean of the Appointive Cabinet, provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the appointment making process and talks about the progress being made in the 2014 cycle.  Dr. Art McClanahan has the interview.  The current list of appointments can be found at:

The Design Task Force - An Overview


Joni Mardesen, HR Director/Benefits Officer, provides an overview of the Design Task Force (DTF) in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan.  She offers an overview of the history and work of the DTF as it prepares a "well thought out process" presentation for the 2014 session of the Annual Conference.

Brad Kalajainen on the pastors of large churches gathering


Brad Kalajainen, lead pastor of Cornerstone Church, Grand Rapids and Caledonia, Michigan, talks about the Iowa Conference gathering of pastors of large churches in a sanctuary conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan

Dave Decker extends invitation to Laity Day with the Bishop


Speaking from the Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders meeting, Dave Decker, Iowa Conference Lay Leader, extends an invitation to the annual Laity Day with the Bishop.  Set for April 12, 2014, at Grace UMC, Des Moines, the event will also be live streamed.

For more details and to register, please click HERE

Bishop Trimble reflects on the Washington Immigration pray-in


Reflecting on the Washington Immigration pray-in Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble called on "churches to welcome the stranger" saying that "in most cases they are not strangers to us."  He added, "exending the hospitlity of inclusion and support and prayer and welcome will result in transforming leaders helping to transform the world.  As we make disciples we have to demonstrate that we are disciples of Jesus Christ."  Dr. Art McClanahan conducted the interview.

Thrive UMC, an emerging community of faith


Jeremy Poland tells the story of Thrive United Methodist Church, an emerging commuity of faith whose mission is to "live fully, in community, to service."  The conversation, with Dr. Art McClanahan, took place in his "office" at a corner table in the West Des Moines Panera Bread.  The preview service is set for May 11, 2014.  More information is available at or on the Thrive UMC Facebook page.

African Women Empowered ministry at St. Mark's UMC


Dr. Jill Sanders talks about the African Women Empowered ministry at St. Mark's UMC, Cedar Rapids.  The transformational program is an example of an evolving opportunity imagining new places for new people. 

Bishop visits East Central district


Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble visited faith communities of the East Central district on a recent Sunday.  In the services he had an opportunity to worhip in six languages with persons from seven different countries.  Dr. Jill Sanders, Field Outreach Minister for the East Central District, talks about the exerpience with Dr. Art McClanahan

Kim Hanken speaks about personal transformation at the Orders & Fellowship gathering


Kim Hanken, co-presenter with Rev. Scott Lothe at the Spring 2014 gathering of the Orders and Fellowship, speaks about the theme of the event - personal transformation and well-being.

Spring Orders and Fellowship gathering focuses on clergy well-being


Rev. Scott Lothe describes the focus of the Spring 2014 Orders and Fellowship gathering - clergy well-being and the transformation that that can bring about.  Kim Hanken joined Scott in leading the program, which was held at First United Methodist Church in Marshalltown.

Meet the new Superintendents


Newly named Conference Superintendents Rev. Terra Amundson (Southwest District) and Rev. Harlan Gillespie (North Central District) had a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan about their upcoming moves from local church appointments to the superintendency, what it felt like when Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble invited them to become Superintendents, and what, of them, individually, that they will bring to their new roles.  They begin their tenure as Conference Superintendents on July 1, 2014

Simpson College presents Carver Medal to Brigadier General Clara Adams-Ender


Simpson College presented its 2014 Carver Medal to Brigadier General Clara L. Adams-Ender.  The Carver Medal is given "annually [to] recognize an outstanding individual whose life exemplifies the commitment and vision of service of George Washington Carver."  (The audio recording, from the medal ceremony, includes President Jay K. Simmons' introduction and General Adams-Ender's Carver Distinguish Lecture.)

Immigration Witness in Washington DC


Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble and Minerva Carcaño, who co-chair the denomination’s Interagency Immigration Task Force, will be among faith leaders, undocumented immigrants and labor leaders who will gather Feb. 17 — President's Day — to pray in front of the White House as President Obama nears a record-breaking two millionth deportation, expected to occur in early April. They are risking arrest at a pray-in at Lafayette Park at 1 p.m.

Hear Bishop Trimble talk about Monday's events in a phone conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan

Read more about the prayer service:

2014 Laity Day with the Bishop


Conference Lay Leader, Dave Decker, talks about the third annual Laity Day with the Bishop, set for April 12, 2014 at Grace United Methodist Church, Des Moines, in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan

Strike Out Malaria


Lora Lea Edwards and Rev. Phil Rogers invite youth and adults from across the Iowa Annual Conference to the Strike Out Malaria night, June 7, 2014, at Principal Park.  The iCubs game, Christian rock music from Manic Drive, fun and games, midnight worship with Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble, and a Sunday morning parade to the Annual Conference site at the Iowa Events Center will bring more than 600 youth together to help to end Malaria.  Registration begins March 1 through the website.  Dr. Art McClanahan is the host for the conversation.

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