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Jaymee Glenn-Burns


Grandparents and Sunday school teachers declared it:  we were to give one hour a week to God. We had 167 hours for sleep and play and school and everything else. We could certainly give one hour a week to God. It was not very much, but I resisted. These grownups were bossy and did not understand my life. Besides, church was so boring that I could not imagine how even God wanted to be there. I was rebellious, and of course worship is important and so are the other 167 hours. God cares about the whole of our lives, all 168 hours.

A colleague recently shared that while he worships regularly—that hour a week for God—where he most often experiences God is in the other 167 hours. The gospels are filled with stories of Jesus not in the temple but out with the people. He taught and healed, fished and walked, answered questions and raised them. To follow Jesus involves so much more than one hour a week. To be the church encompasses what we do every hour of our lives.

People in the NE District are doing a whole lot of things outside the worship hour. You’ll be reading about some of those things in this blog. There might be a post or two about weekly worship, but most of the stories will be about people being the church outside the walls and outside the hour. If you have a story about a congregation, a small group, or an individual living their faith in the 167 hours, we welcome guest posts.  Send me an email at jaymee.glenn-burns@iaumc.org.

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