Finance & Administration

Important Statistical Reporting Deadline

The final due date for the 2016 Annual Local Church Statistics reporting is Tuesday, February 28th.  For information and resources regarding this required reports, please visit our 2016 Statistics Page.

2017 Budget

Treasurers Presentation Slides - Maggie Biggs
Pre-Conference Presentation Slides
2017 Working Budget (May 2016)
2015 Fund Balances


Administrative Services  - Who To Call

Council on Finance & Administration
President:  Rev Jon Disburg
Vice President:  Larry Cobb
Secretary:  Lorene Dykstra
Board of Trustees
President: Duane Daby
Vice President:  Kevin Moore
Secretary: Marcia Young
Board of Pensions
Chairperson: Beverly Bell
Vice Chairperson: David Peterson
Secretary: Bob Holdorf
Equitable Compensation
Chairperson: Brad McDowell
Vice Chairperson: Rev Larry Pauley
Secretary: Phyllis Warren
Human Resources
Chairperson: Linda Shoop
Vice Chairperson:  Jean Swenson

Contacting us

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
2301 Rittenhouse St. Des Moines, IA 50321 | (515) 974-8900 |