Annual Conference 2010 Set Up Day

Images of Hy-Vee Hall, and the set up process in preparation for Annual Conference

Kevin Evers, who will be the driving force of the big screens.

A shot of the stage during setup.

Name tags and color coded tables waiting for guests

Partial Shot of the Worship area at Hy-Vee Hall.

Vendors setting up

Boxes of materials waiting for the Pages to distribute

View of the Concessions (food) area of Hy-Vee Hall

Tables available for Conference diners

view of the display area of Hy-Vee Hall

Friendly Volunteers

Some of the tables where you will be sitting during Worship.

Junior Vendors are here helping mom set up

Contacting us

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
2301 Rittenhouse St. Des Moines, IA 50321 | (515) 974-8900 |