United Methodist Communications to offer online courses in May

April 11, 2013

United Methodist Communications will offer two new online courses in May.  “Web Ministry 100: What is Web Ministry?” and “Welcoming Ministry 100” are now open for registration on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration closes on May 1.

Please note: If you have questions about these courses or difficulty registering, please contact United Methodist Communications: training@umcom.org or 1.888.278.4862.


Web Ministry 100 (course fee: $49) participants will learn how to:
• Develop an online network of relationships to support your work in web ministry
• Define and use web and Internet technology terms
• Apply the biblical and theological principles for developing a web ministry. These are rooted in the traditions, ministry, and mission of The United Methodist Church
• Identify ways people engage with web and Internet technology on a daily basis. Determine the implications and applications for web ministry

For more information about Web Ministry 100, please click here.


Welcoming Ministry 100 (course fee: $29) participants will:
• Learn to be a welcoming, hospitable congregation
• Identify and enlist congregants for your church’s welcoming ministry
• Assess what your church does well in welcoming – as well as areas for improvement
• Identify what your church is known for
• Reach out to the local community

Start each course when it best fits your schedule and move at your own pace. Each course includes six weeks of instruction. A course facilitator will respond to your work and answer questions via forums.

For more information aboout the Welcoming Ministry 100 class, please click here. To register, click here.


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