AC2017 Teaching Sessions

AC2017 Teaching Sessions

May 15, 2017

Nine workshops/teaching sessions are set for Saturday afternoon, beginning at 4:10 pm. They include Faith-based Community Ministry; School for Lay Ministry; EmpowHer; Navigating Your Benefits; Tiny House Homeless Project; Women at the Well Community Reentry Program; Mental Health Support and Advocacy; Immigration and Refugee Services and Making a Difference Through Prayer. 

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Faith-based Community Ministry  |  Sue Perthoud  |  Room: 301

Cass Community Social Services provides food, housing, health care and jobs for some of Detroit’s most needy individuals.  Presenter, Sue Perthoud, is the Church and Community Relations Liaison, she incorporates approximately 7,000 volunteers each year from faith based organizations, corporations, and community groups into the programs at Cass Community Social Services and facilitates their mid-week community worship experience. During this teaching session session you will learn what they do in the community, what their worship experiences look like and how they recruit, utilize, schedule and thank their volunteers. Time also will spent discerning how all of that might be modified for your community.

Tiny House Homeless Project  |  Faith Fowler  |  Room: 302

The project, Cass Tiny Homes, was the first of its kind in Detroit and the brain child of Rev. Faith Fowler. The tiny homes are each built in unique styles and range in size from 250-400 square feet. They are built on 30-by-100 lots where vacant houses once stood in low-income neighborhoods. Learn how neighborhoods and fomerly homeless or low-income seniors and students are changed by the development of Cass Tiny Homes.

EmpowHer—Successes in Mission Micro-finance  |  Judy Marnin  |  Room: 303

The Iowa-Nigeria Partnership and Self-Help International have created and supported successful programs with micro-loans to women in Nigeria, Ghana, and Nicaragua. Judy Marnin will share the background of the micro-credit movement, and how these two Iowa programs have helped women. Hear stories of specific endeavors that have made women using these programs self-reliant entrepreneurs. Participate in a broader discussion of micro-finance in general, as it has developed in recent years. 

Laity Development through the School for Lay Ministry Experience  | John Rothlisberger and Lynn Calver  |  Room: 304

The role of lay persons in the ministries of The United Methodist Church is expanding. The missional needs of our congregations require trained laity working together with ordained and licensed clergy. Learn how participants in the Iowa School for Lay Ministry are prepared to fulfill a wide variety of roles in and beyond local churches—often based on their professional experiences in other disciplines. 

Women at the Well Community Reentry Program  |  Lee Schott  |  Room: 305

For the incarcerated women, Women at the Well provides a support system as they enter the prison and as they transition back out into freedom. The ministry helps women in many different ways. Learn how pastoral and spirtual care has helped women as they transition in society and back to normal lives and ways you can help and advocate for these women who are on the fringes of society. 

Mental Health Support and Advocacy  |  Gary Gansemer and Julie Heiderschiet  |  Room: 306

Learn how Hillcrest Family Services enhances the lives of children, families, and adults in need by teaching skills and providing information and resources. Also discover how there  is a need to advocate on the behalf of those in need of mental health support and how to work collaboratively with local communities to provide a range of quality and innovative services.  

Immigration—It’s a Big Topic, Let’s Talk!  |  Brynne Howard and others knoweldgable on immigration  |  Room: 307

How are Iowans impacted by immigration rules and enforcement? How do we as Christians respond? Hear stories from right here in Iowa, revisit Biblical stories of immigrants, learn more about Justice for Our Neighbors, and let’s talk about how your church might respond to needs in your area. Leaders: Brynne Howard, JFON lawyer; Central District Welcomes Immigrants Team: Rev. Bev Bell, Diane Wasson Eberhart, Rev. Josh Steward, Rev. Gary Marzolf, Rev. Brian Carter, Rev. Alejandro Alfaro Santiz, Rev. Barb Dinnen.

Prayer—Making a Difference Through Prayer  |  Bill and Sheryl Daylong  |  Room: 308

This teaching session explores contemplative practices and their value in enriching and fortifying the spiritual lives of individuals and congregations. We will also introduce participants to the sacred rhythms of the Upper Room Academy for Spiritual Formation.

Benefit Basics: Navigating Your Benefit Options  |  Joni Mardesen  |  Room: 309

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an HSA, an HRA, and an FSA?  What about the difference in the DB portion and the DC portion of your pension benefit?  Have you ever wondered why we use so many acronyms?!  During this session you’ll learn the basics of the health, life, and retirement plans offered to you as a clergy person appointed to a local church in the Iowa Conference.  Join this session for a comprehensive overview and prepare your benefit course for smooth sailing


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