Bishop calls for DACA compassion

Bishop calls for DACA compassion

September 04, 2017

Please join me in praying for President Trump, who will be making a decision, perhaps tomorrow, around continuing DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA is an immigration policy, founded in 2012, that allows certain children and youth who entered the US as minors to receive a two-year time of deferred action on deportation and a work permit. There are currently about 800,000 children and youth, nicknamed “Dreamers,” who are protected under this program. If the program ends, their legal status could be taken away.
Ending DACA would affect nearly a million Dreamers who know no country other than the US. DACA participants are diligent students, well-employed workers, and are contributing in a positive way to American society. They are our friends and neighbors. May our leaders act with grace, courage, and compassion.

Bishop Laurie Haller

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