Wednesday storm advice

Wednesday storm advice

June 28, 2017

Wednesday evening…

Almost ALL of Iowa is currently under A Severe Storm Watch until at least 11:00 pm tonight.This afternoon has already been stormy across Iowa. As of 6:00 pm at least 4 confirmed tornados have touched down, AND we have more than 15 current, severe storm watches. The National Weather Service advises that these storms are very unpredictable and can "pop-up" anywhere and at any time, and be severe.

Some preparedness tips.....

  • Pray for those already affected by the storms, and those responding.
  • Keep alert,  watch what the weather is doing.
  • Have a plan for where you will take cover.
  • Watch out for Neighbors and Pets.
  • Keep your phone fully charged.
  • Fill your car with gas.
  • Have a flashlight by your bed, one in the basement - or your safe place, and one in the bathroom.
  • Don't take chances.


Catie and John Newman

IAUMC Disaster Response Coordinators

Contacting us

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
2301 Rittenhouse St. Des Moines, IA 50321 | (515) 974-8900 |