10 Year Apportionment History by Church

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Ross, Calvary - Aldersgate

Rowan United Church (UM-UCC) - Camp Clear Lake

Rowley, First - Pictured Rocks

Royal - Camp Clear Lake

Rudd - Camp Clear Lake

Russell, Faith - Aldersgate

Ruthven - Camp Clear Lake

Salix, Community - Camp Clear Lake

Sanborn, St. Andrew's - Camp Clear Lake

Santiago - Riverview Park

Schaller - Camp Clear Lake

Scranton - Aldersgate

Selma - Golden Valley

Seney - Camp Clear Lake

Sergeant Bluff, Community - Camp Clear Lake

Seymour - Aldersgate

Shambaugh - Aldersgate

Sheffield, First - Camp Clear Lake

Shelby - Aldersgate

Sheldahl - Riverview Park

Shell Rock - Pictured Rocks

Shenandoah, First - Aldersgate

Sheridan - Riverview Park

Sherrill - Pictured Rocks

Shueyville - Pictured Rocks

Sibley - Camp Clear Lake

Sidney, United Faith Church - Aldersgate

Sigourney - Golden Valley

Silver Creek - Camp Clear Lake

Silver Creek (Hancock) - Aldersgate

Sioux City, Church All Nations - Camp Clear Lake

Sioux City, First - Camp Clear Lake

Sioux City, Grace - Camp Clear Lake

Sioux City, Riverside - Camp Clear Lake

Sioux City, Rustin Avenue - Camp Clear Lake

Sioux City, Whitfield - Camp Clear Lake

Sioux Rapids, First United (UM-UCC Union) Church - Camp Clear Lake

Slater - Riverview Park

Smithland - Camp Clear Lake

Solon - Golden Valley

Somers - Camp Clear Lake

South Marion - Camp Clear Lake

Spencer, Grace - Camp Clear Lake

Spencer, Zion - Camp Clear Lake

Spirit Lake - Camp Clear Lake

Springdale - Golden Valley

Springville - Pictured Rocks

St. Ansgar - Pictured Rocks

St. Charles Parish (UM-D) - Aldersgate

Stanhope Parish (UM-Disciples) Church - Camp Clear Lake

Stanwood Union (UM-PCUSA) Church - Pictured Rocks

State Center - Riverview Park

Stockport - Golden Valley

Storm Lake - Camp Clear Lake

Story City, Grace - Riverview Park

Strahan - Aldersgate

Stratford, Calvary - Camp Clear Lake

Stratton - Aldersgate

Strawberry Point - Pictured Rocks

Stuart/Mount Vernon - Aldersgate

Sumner - Pictured Rocks

Sutherland - Camp Clear Lake

Swaledale - Camp Clear Lake

Swea City, First - Camp Clear Lake

Tabor - Aldersgate

Terril - Camp Clear Lake

Thompson - Camp Clear Lake

Thornton, First - Camp Clear Lake

Thurman - Aldersgate

Tiffin, Grace - Golden Valley

Tingley - Aldersgate

Tipton, First - Pictured Rocks

Titonka - Camp Clear Lake

Toledo, Christ - Pictured Rocks

Tracy - Riverview Park

Traer - Pictured Rocks

Trenton - Golden Valley

Troy - Golden Valley

Turin - Aldersgate

Union Sumner - Pictured Rocks

United Church of Diagonal - Aldersgate

Unity Church of Sac City (UM-PCUSA) - Camp Clear Lake

Urbandale, Aldersgate - Riverview Park

Urbandale, Walnut Hills - Riverview Park

Van Horne, Salem - Pictured Rocks

Van Meter - Riverview Park

Varina - Camp Clear Lake

Victor - Golden Valley

Vida Nueva (New Life) - Camp Clear Lake

Villisca - Aldersgate

Vinton, Stewart Memorial - Pictured Rocks

Vinton, Wesley - Pictured Rocks

Viola - Pictured Rocks

Volga - Pictured Rocks

Washington - Golden Valley

Waterloo, First - Pictured Rocks

Waterloo, Jubilee - Pictured Rocks

Waterloo, Kimball Avenue - Pictured Rocks

Waterloo, Linden - Pictured Rocks

Waterloo, St. Paul's - Pictured Rocks

Waukee - Riverview Park

Waukon, St. Paul's - Pictured Rocks

Waverly, Trinity - Pictured Rocks

Webb, Trinity - Camp Clear Lake

Webster - Golden Valley

Webster City, Asbury - Camp Clear Lake

Webster City, Faith - Camp Clear Lake

Weldon - Aldersgate

Wellman, Asbury - Golden Valley

Wesley Chapel (Malvern) - Aldersgate

Wesley Chapel (SE Dist.) - Golden Valley

West Bend - Camp Clear Lake

West Branch - Golden Valley

West Burlington - Golden Valley

West Des Moines - Riverview Park

West Des Moines, Valley - Riverview Park

West Fork - Camp Clear Lake

West Liberty - Golden Valley

West St. Charles - Pictured Rocks

West Union - Pictured Rocks

Williamsburg, St. Paul's - Golden Valley

Wilton, Peace - Golden Valley

Wilton, United Methodist Church of - Golden Valley

Winfield - Golden Valley

Winterset, First - Aldersgate

Winthrop Church of Christ United (UM-UCC) - Pictured Rocks

Wiota - Aldersgate

Women At The Well - Riverview Park

Woodbine, First - Aldersgate

Woodward - Riverview Park

Woolstock - Camp Clear Lake

Zearing, Bethel - Riverview Park

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