2016 Nominations for General and Jurisdictional Conference

At the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference, the lay and clergy members will be electing delegates to the 2016 General Conference, North Central Jurisdictional Conference, and reserves to those delegations. 

As the chief legislative arm of the church, the General Conference meets every four years to determine program emphases and budgets and to review church law and the church’s position on matters of social justice. It is the only body that can speak for the denomination. 

The ten day meeting, May 10-20, 2016, in Portland, OR, will bring together approximately 850 delegates – half clergy and half laypersons – from around the world. 

The North Central Jurisdictional Conference, July 13 - 16, 2016, in Peoria, IL, will bring together delegates from the nine-state upper Midwest region. Members of this conference will elect bishops to fill vacancies within the region. 

The Iowa Annual Conference will elect six lay and six clergy delegates to the General Conference, and an additional six lay and six clergy delegates to the Jurisdictional Conference, as well as reserve delegates. Those elected to the General Conference are automatically delegates to the Jurisdictional Conference. 

Get to know the candidates by reading their self-authored biographical sketch/position statement. They appear grouped as Clergy and Laity candidates and are in alphabetical order.

Download and read the Clergy and Lay Biographical Sketches/Position Statements