In Mission Together

In Mission Together encourages United Methodist Churches to prayerfully support United Methodist mission on local, conference, national, and international levels, through giving, and sharing in relationship, to fulfill Matthew 25 (“Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.”) and Matthew 28 (“Go into all the world and make disciples.”)

In Mission Together involves building relationships in shared ministries with people, programs, and/or projects. Partnering may last a few days or continue for many years.

Direct link to Conference webpage: IN MISSION TOGETHER
Mission Ed Chair/Conference Secretary of Global Ministries- Sue Hattel - [email protected]
Golden Valley District Missions Secretary -   Rev. Steven Lamb - [email protected]

February 15- In Mission Together (IMT) Reports Due With Recognition given at District Conference
Click here to download form-fillable pdf. Print and mail to District Missions Secretary Rev. Steven Lamb, 27131 Highway 78, Ollie IA 52576-8657 or email [email protected]

In Mission Together reflects your church's (1) in-kind and financial giving and (2) your shared ministries--at the local, district, conference, national and international levels in 2021. This is a time of thanksgiving for your prayerful giving and shared opportunities of serving the needs of "the least of these" throughout the world.

We ask that your church consider "sharing your story/stories" of your mission relationships and how you do it! Stories submitted in 2022 to Sue Hattel at [email protected] will be shared by our Conference Communications. Exciting 2021 stories may be viewed on the In Mission Together link entitled "In Mission Together News."