SW NW District Askings

What are District Askings? 
Each district approves and submits District Askings at the Spring District Conferences to provide support for additional ministries within each district. Also the districts may use registration fees to help offset costs of training events.

2020 Approved District Askings

Northwest $3.00 per member

  • $0.75 District Outreach Ministries: (divided equally: JFON, Mobility Worldwide Hawarden, Shesler Hall, ESL Programing) 
  • $0.75 Leadership Development
  • $0.75 Church Revitalization
  • $0.75 New Places for New People

Southwest $4.00 per member

  • $1.20 Carter Lake Congregation
  • $0.60 Hastings Congregation
  • $0.60 MUMMS
  • $1.20 Fe y Esperanza
  • $0.40 SW Dist Hispanic Min Committee