Upper Midwest Extension Course of Study School

The Upper Midwest Extension Course of Study School is designed for part-time local pastors from Iowa, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and surrounding states.  The school is part of the Course of Study system of the United Methodist Church and operates under the direction of the Regional Course of Study School at Garrett Evangelical Seminary in Evanston, Illinois.  As a result of decisions made in Nashville by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry for Fall 2022 classes, we will meet in person in Sioux City for 10 of the required 20 hours of class time.  For the remaining 10 hours, we will meet via Zoom.

Licensed local pastors who are appointed to serve part-time are eligible to enroll.  Classes are held on two weekends in the fall and two weekends in the spring.  Advance assignments are part of every course.

Tuition and fees are $275 per class.   Scholarships are available from the Iowa Conference Board of Ordained Ministry for Iowa pastors. Questions about the Upper Midwest Course of Study School can be directed to the Registrar, Rev. Carl Phillips (712-370-7963 and carlphillipssvf@gmail.com), or to Glenna Tevis (gtevis@aol.com).

Registration Deadline for Spring 2023 classes:  February 17, 2023

Late fee for registrations received after the deadline:  $25.00

Registration Form (download the form) – Individuals registering for the first time for any Course of Study class must obtain a PID number from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.  To do this, contact GBHEM at cosregistrar@gbhem.org.

Grant and Scholarship Application– For Iowa Part-time Local Pastors 

Brochure For Upper Midwest Course of Study

Student Handbook

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Spring 2023 Upper Midwest COS Offerings

Classes will meet March 10/11 in person. Classes begin on Friday at 3:30 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m.  Classes continue on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.  Classes will meet for an additional 10 hours via Zoom after the March sessions at a time to be determined by each instructor. Download the course syllabus by clicking the course name below.

COS 122  Theological Heritage I: Introduction
This course introduces the student to theological reflection in the Wesleyan tradition. Basic terms, tasks, and methods of Christian theology will be introduced. Representative classical themes will be defined and illustrated. The course provides a foundation for further historical and theological study.  Dr. Travis Stevick, pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Marcus, Iowa, will teach this course.   

COS 124 Transformative Leadership
This course forms the student’s identity as pastoral leader and change agent in congregations, The United Methodist Church, and the world.   This course will be taught by Rev. John Christianson.

COS 222  Theological Heritage II: Early Church 
This course focuses on the history and theology of the Church through the first five centuries.  Using primary sources, students will reflect on significant individuals, events, and the articulation of the Christian faith during this period.  Dr. Bruce Forbes, professor emeritus at Morningside University, will teach this class.

COS 424 Ethics
This course introduces the biblical and theological bases for Christian behavior, emphasizing the pastoral skills needed for moral leadership in the congregation and community.  Rev. Tim Bonney, pastor at First United Methodist Church in Indianola, Iowa, will teach this class.

COS 522  Contemporary Theology 
This course covers significant individuals, movements, events, and theological developments from the nineteenth century to the present. Students will read selected primary sources.  Dr. Mary Bellon will teach this course.

If you have a question about which course you should take, please contact Glenna Tevis gtevis@aol.com.