AC2021 Offerings

A special fund has been set up to assist clergy with direct financial support from the Clergy Assistance fund when a desperate need does arise. For many years, this fund has been the dedicated offering during the Clergy Session of the Iowa Annual Conferences which is only held once a year.

“The Clergy Sustentation Fund is a means to tangibly care for our clergy and families in a time of need.  Your gifts become signs of hope and grace in difficult times,” said Rev. Terra Amundson, from The United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon.

Because the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted everything we do, this year has been extremely challenging for our clergy. Bishop Laurie has set a goal of raising $10,000 for this fund and asks if you could continue to donate to support our clergy who give so much of themselves and to each one of us in the Iowa Annual Conference during challenging times like these. 

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Incidents of violence against Black and Asian Americans have escalated over the past year, as has violence against Immigrants and Refugees. As Iowa grows more diverse so is the need to increase our support of our new and existing communities of faith that extend the love and care of Christ in these communities. 
Burns United Methodist Church in Des Moines at 155 years is the oldest historically Black congregation in the state of Iowa. The state of Iowa, not just the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church, is richer because of the faithful witness of this congregation. We invite you to join with them to be Difference Makers who stand for the love of Jesus Christ against hate and violence. 
The Iowa Conference currently has two Historically Black and 12 African, Asian, Hispanic, and Immigrant Communities of Faith. This offering will be distributed as grants to support the extension of ministry in those communities.

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Last year’s derecho was the latest in a string of natural disasters experienced here in Iowa. We have endured tornados, severe storms, and floods. Our connection is made real through district disaster response teams being there to assist with equipment, chainsaw, and cleanup teams as well as financial grants.
This offering will be used to keep the response trailers on the road, the crews trained and equipped, and maintain available funds to make needed grants. We Iowans joke about our changeable weather. When that weather changes for the worse, we want to be ready to stand with our neighbors to assist in the response and recovery. Our Disaster Response Ministry has been active in every part of Iowa and made a significant impact in other parts of the country as well. 
Be a Difference Maker, donate to Disaster Response. 

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