AC2022 Nominations descriptions


(meeting schedules may change according to member availability)


Council on Finance and Administration 15-21 members

Expertise desired: Persons with financial interests and skills, seeing finances as a part of ministry

Regular meeting schedule: Thursdays, four to five times a year and one night during Annual Conference. 


Board of Trustees 12 members

Manage and administer the physical assets of the Annual Conference and insure proper insurance coverage for the assets and activities of the Annual Conference.

Expertise desired: Business, Real Estate, Insurance

Regular meeting schedule: Bimonthly (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov), generally the 2nd Friday of the month, 10:00-3:00; as needed by phone or e-mail


Board of Pensions not more than 24 members

Providing local churches, the Conference and related agencies with a health/pension benefit package; by keeping the benefit package uniform across the connection we also enhance and enable the itinerant system of ministry.

Expertise desired: Members regularly analyze financial reports, make decisions concerning benefit plans, make decisions concerning service records, and envision and enable a wellness program for our plan participants. The Board needs some persons with expertise/experience in the areas of health insurance and investments.

Regular meeting schedule: Usually the 4th Thursday, in Feb, May, & Aug; 2nd Thurs. in Nov.


Commission on Archives and History 10 members  

Maintaining and overseeing the Iowa UM Archives

Expertise desired: An interest in historical work and study

Regular meeting schedule: Thursdays or Fridays (August, October, January)


Commission on Equitable Compensation 10 members

Evaluate and recommend salary compensation for churches that cannot pay minimum wage.

Expertise desired: Understanding of salary requirements of Conference

Regular meeting schedule: Tuesdays Feb or March & Sept; other meetings via conference phone call, typically at 10:00 a.m. 


Annual Conference Session Planning Committee 10 members plus consultants

Plan and coordinate the Annual Conference session with membership representing each district

Regular meeting schedule:  Four meetings per year: Jan, April, June or July, Sept or Oct, alternating between weekdays and Saturdays.


Annual Conference Human Resources Committee 12 members plus consultants

Deal with staffing, salary, benefits, and personnel policies for all Conference staff; representation from each district and advocacy commissions

Expertise desired: Human Resources experience

Regular meeting schedule: Quarterly, usually on a Saturday


Committee on the Episcopacy 15 members

Support the bishop in the oversight of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the Church;

Expertise desired: Persons in touch with needs of Annual Conference. Wide range of ages needed.

Regular meeting schedule:  Four times/year: June/July, Sept/Oct, Jan/Feb, April/May – Saturday face-to-face or phone; (sometimes weekday phone meetings)


Conference Nominations Coordinating Committee 11 members, including advocacy representatives

Coordinate and resource the work of District nominating committees for Annual Conference boards and agencies.

Expertise desired: Persons who know the leadership potential within their District; nominating committee members should be leaders in their own district who know people across the district.

Regular meeting schedule: Face-to face or Zoom meeting in the fall; meet during Annual Conference session; primary responsibility is at the district level.  Members are Annual Conference members


Conference Resolutions Committee 9 members

Receive resolutions submitted to the Annual Conference, review and study each resolution, and submit the resolutions in proper form to the editor of the Pre-Conference Manual....

Expertise desired: Members should have a working knowledge of the Social Principles and the United Methodist Discipline, or a desire to learn about those documents; a willingness to read resolutions that come before the committee; a willingness to meet at least twice a year to discuss resolutions.

Regular meeting schedule: Early January and as needed; members are also members of Annual Conference


Committee on Rules of Order 9 members

Revise the Conference Rules of Order with appropriate word usage, (ie: gender sensitivity, inclusiveness, etc.), careful phrasing, good grammar, and clarity.  Rules of Order changes, clarification or new items are accepted from individuals, groups, agencies, task forces, local churches, etc. These are reviewed and included for Legislative Committee and Annual Conference actions.

Expertise desired: knowledge of the Rules of Order and a willingness to be a part of this necessary process. Members are expected to attend Annual Conference as their service may be called upon during the Conference session.

Regular meeting schedule:  One meeting per year, in March. Other meetings as needed, often on conference phone call.





(meeting schedules may change; attempts are made to be inclusive of varying availability)


Conference Connectional Ministries Council

District representation through DCOM chairs

Regular Meeting Schedule:  Saturdays, twice in the fall and again in the late winter (mid-February).  


Board of Camp. Conference & Retreat Ministries

Establish a vision, be the link between the sites and annual conference, establish standards of quality, set annual goals, & oversee the management of the sites, programs and personnel.

Expertise desired in Board/Agency membership: Interest in camp/retreat ministries with a range of skills/experience in business management, education/Christian Ed, marketing, construction; including parents & participants in camp ministries. The expectation is that this board will function in ways similar to a board of a non-profit organization. 

Regular meeting schedule: One day meetings, 6 times/year – typically at the Conference Center, Des Moines on the 3rd Saturday of every odd month (i.e. January, March, May, etc).


Board of Church and Society

Witness to Jesus Christ, calling communities of faith to share in active social justice ministries

Expertise desired: Strong faith, active in UMC, desire to apply Social Principles to community, nation,& world.

Regular meeting schedule: 3rd Saturday in September (Fri eve/Sat), November, January & April


Board of Discipleship

Assist the local church in making disciples for Christ, through Wesley's Means of Grace: prayer, study of scripture, fasting, celebrating the Lord's Supper, Christian conferencing, and acts of mercy.

Regular meeting schedule: Minimum of two times a year; traditionally on a Saturday in Oct and April


Board of Global Ministries

Provide grants for local church ministries, support our institutions and community ministries, and educate for mission.

Reaching unchurched children is the top priority.

Expertise desired: a genuine interest and enthusiasm for missions

Regular meeting schedule: January, April, September on a Saturday


BOGM Standing Committee on Parish Development 

Work with new churches and churches undergoing revitalization.

Expertise desired: Forward thinking; willing to take risks to make disciples.

Regular Meeting Schedule: Fridays, four times a year, Sept, Oct, Jan, & Apr.


BOGM Standing Committee on Community & Institutional Ministries 

Enable, encourage, & support the missional outreach of the Church in local communities.

Expertise desired: Interest in the mission of the church & willingness to visit &evaluate projects in your district.

Regular meeting schedule: Saturdays, Spring & fall to approve funding. Time to visit some projects.


BOGM Standing Committee on  Mission Education

Promote work of General Board of Global Ministries, Advance Specials, missionary support & Mission Today reporting.

Expertise desired: Active interest in mission work; knowledge of work of GBGM and the conference mission program.

Regular meeting schedule: Two times a year: second Saturdays of October & March


BOGM Standing Committee on Hispanic/Latino Ministries

Oversee the Hispanic Ministries of the Conference.

Expertise desired: Experience in Hispanic ministry; ability to speak Spanish; interest in Hispanic ministries

Regular meeting schedule: Quarterly - first Saturday of Jan, Apr, July, & Oct.


BOGM Standing Committee on Volunteers In Mission (VIM)

Support, encourage, and assist in mission work through hand-on active service.

Expertise desired: Knowledge of VIM activity or willingness to learn. Ability to convey information to others.


BOGM Standing Committee on Disaster Preparedness & Response 

To prepare for disasters, developing & implementing Early Response Teams, Relief Operations & Recovery Operations.  

Expertise desired:  Desire, time & ability to help in preparedness or disasters and willingness to take trainings. Must be able to travel to give presentations.

Meeting schedule: as needed by phone and at least 1-2 face-to-face meetings during the year (Saturday)


BOGM Standing Committee on Justice For Our Neighbors 

Oversees the Iowa JFON program of free legal services for low-income immigrants.

Expertise desired:  Special interest in our immigrant and refugee neighbors.

Regular meeting schedule: Quarterly, usually from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on a Saturday in Des Moines


Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry

Nurture the partnership between the Board and the colleges and Wesley Foundations to promote the development of leaders who proclaim the gospel and transform the world.

Expertise desired in Board/Agency membership: Keen interest in high school/college students attending a UM College. Belief in value of UM presence at state schools & Drake University via Wesley Foundations.

Regular meeting schedule: Third Thursday of November, January & April


Board of Laity

Inspire and validate the ministry of the laity; develop conference, district, and local leadership; train, nurture, and enable laity to make disciples for Christ.

Regular meeting schedule: Saturday in fall & winter/spring; program planning years -overnight retreat in the fall


Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (CUIC)

Advocate, interpret, and work for the unity of the Christian church in the conference & churches; 

encourage dialogue and cooperation with persons of other living faiths.

Expertise desired: People in an ecumenical shared ministry; involved in a local, county, or area ecumenical group or ministry; knowledgeable about other living faiths; will work as a liaison between the Commission and the churches

Regular meeting schedule: Periodic Saturdays; sometimes as Conference phone call.


Commission on Religion and Race (CORR)

Prepare congregations for ethnic pastors; serve as a liaison so problems caused by ethnicity will be reduced; monitor, sensitize, and empower ethnic pastors.

Expertise desired: Interest in Commission, skills in communication.

Regular meeting schedule: Quarterly - Saturdays in Jan, Apr, & Sept


Commission on the Status and Role of Women (COSROW)

Monitoring and advocacy commission: monitor the participation of women on all levels and all areas of the church and

the wider society; advocate for full participation of women, educating about issues which hinder full participation.

Expertise desired: Interest in/concern about women's issues. Particularly in need of men who are interested in these

issues, as well as persons of color of either sex.

Regular meeting schedule: Saturdays in February, April, September, & November


Commission in Ministry With Persons With Disabilities

Emphasizing that persons with disabilities bring unique gifts to the church, we seek wholeness in Christ's church through promoting the full inclusion and participation of ALL persons free from any barriers which limit full expression of faith.

Expertise desired: Professional persons with knowledge, training, and/or experience in working with disabilities;

persons who have disabilities or those who are or have been care givers to a person with disabilities. 

Regular meeting schedule; Monthly Zoom meetings, 3rd Thursday evening at 7:00; (Nov/Dec meets 1stThurs of Dec); May/June meeting face-to-face at Annual Conference