AC2022 Voting Instructions

To vote we will use VVoter on your device or the voting pads. To vote using VVoter from your device you had to indicate that was your preferred option when you registered for AC2022.

Your login credentials are unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else. They may be used for the Legislative Session and the Pre-Conference Orientation session. The Laity Session will be live-streamed and will not require information.

If you access VVoter using the same device you use to access the Zoom meeting, you can move between the two windows by pressing Alt+Tab (Control+Tab for Mac) or exiting full screen in the Zoom meeting and viewing both pages at once.

How to Log-In to the VVoter Platform

Method I: 

  • Open the email sent to you from
  • Click the link provided to you in bottom of the email "You may access the V Voter system at ...."
  • Click “Vote now” and enter the personal LoginID. 

Method II: 

  • If this link does not work then try
  • Enter the Session ID as 529914877 and click Connect
  • Then enter your personal LoginID

If neither method above works try accessing the session using a different browser. 

Tips for using VVoter: 

  • Make sure you click the green Vote button after clicking your response choice. 
  • Open VVoter only once on a device.
  • Do not log into the VVoter session on more than one device. 
  • If the VVoter page does not update when a new vote starts, reload the page. This is particularly important when using a phone since most are set to automatically lock after a minute or two. The web page will not update automatically when you unlock the phone. 
  • If the presentation has already started, you may see a polling screen. If not, you will see “Waiting for Presentation to start”. You should see the session code and your Login ID in the top right portion of the page.

Request To Speak Instructions –VVoter Platform

During our meeting we will be using the VVoter platform to manage requests to speak and debate. In the lower left corner of the VVoter screen, you will see a white button labeled “SPEAK”. 

If you wish to make a comment, or ask a question, click the SPEAK button. You will see a drop-down menu that shows the various types of requests. Once you click on Speak, you can select to:

  • Speak For
  • Speak Against
  • Question
  • Motion to Amend
  • Make a Motion
  • Second a Motion
  • Cancel My Request

For example, if you wish to speak on a specific motion, click “Motion to Amend” and then click the SUBMIT button. 

Your request will be transmitted to a display that is monitored along with those requesting to speak on the floor. It will be time stamped with your name and request type. Staff will then release your microphone and you will be given the opportunity to unmute yourself and speak. Please be patient and understand that only one person can be called on at a time to speak. 

The system will accept only one request to speak from you at a time. If you submit more than one request or submit the same request more than once before your name has been called, your name will be removed from the request list.

We ask for your grace as we work through this new way of conducting the business of annual conference. In a hybrid mode we will make mistakes and we will work through them patiently. 

Support During the Session

If you have questions about V Voter or the Zoom session, please use the Q&A in Zoom or email