If you are interested in learning more about the Advocacy efforts of the Iowa Annual Conference's Advocacy Team, then you have come to the right place! 

This page is a resource for you to learn more about upcoming events, resources related to our denominational perspectives on issue areas of the Annual Conference, and ways to get your congregation involved in ministries of outreach and advocacy!




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Advocacy Team

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Position Papers
Bottle Bill
Children & Gun Safety
Death Penalty 
Earned Income Tax Credit
Enforcement of Immigration Law
Global Warming
ental Health
Sports Gambling
Water Quality
Religious Exemption
Restoring Felon Voting Rights
Gun Amendment to the Iowa Constitution
Sports Gambling
Racial Profiling

Work of the Iowa United Methodist Legislative Advocates at the State Capitol

  1. Set priorities in consultation with the Bishop, Assistant to the Bishop, and Director of Connectional Ministries.
  2. Review Iowa Annual Conference Resolutions, General Conference Resolutions, and our Social Principles.
  3. Review the list of bills being presented for consideration by legislators.
  4. Declare either “For” or “Against” on bills presented if there is a clear resolution stating The United Methodist Church position either from the Iowa Annual Conference or the General Conference.
  5. Issue Action Alerts to ask United Methodists to talk to their legislators about bills we have declared on and share our concerns as the bills move toward passage. 
  6. Attend Iowa Legislative sub-committee and committee meetings in the Senate and the House of Representatives to present our United Methodist view and submit suggestions for changes.
  7. Review bills that are passed by the sub-committees and committees and make adjustments to the United Methodist Declarations: For, Against, Undecided.
  8. Thank legislators for their time listening to us.
  9. Thank United Methodists for contacting their legislators.
  10. Make a report to the Bishops Office about the results of our advocacy.


Harlan Gillespie
Assistant to the Bishop
Director of Connectional Ministries 



2021 Priority Issues 

These six issues will be supported by the Legislative Advocacy Team at the 2021 Iowa Legislature
  • We support all people (children, youth and adults) suffering the effects of mental illness and strive for equal and effective treatment for all.
  •  (Information from The United Methodist Book of Resolutions 2016, #330 “Ministries in Mental Illness”, Social Principles Paragraphs 161 and 162)
  • We support legislation that will equip people in poverty to achieve self-sufficiency. The Bible witnesses God’s preference for the poor. We are to offer compassion and justice for the neediest of God’s children.
  • (Information from: 2016 Book of Resolutions, Social Principles Paragraph 163, Resolutions on Living Wage #4101, and “Public Education and the Church” #3165.
  • We support local and national laws that prevent or reduce gun violence.
  • (Information from 2016 UM Book of Resolutions #3428; Private Guns, Public Health by David Hemenway)
  • We support care of the earth which will preserve the environment for the benefit of all.  
  • (The United Methodist SocIal Principles, paragraph 160, I. The Natural World, 2016 Book of Resolutions and Iowa 2019 Resolution #504)
  • We affirm a criminal justice system that reflects God’s desire for healing of offenders, victims and communities through restorative justice.
  • (Information from:  The 2016 Book of Resolutions, Criminal Justice #5031 “Humanizing Criminal Justice”)
  • We affirm all persons as equally valuable in the sight of God and therefore work for a world where all are valued and affirmed.
  • (Information from:  The 2016 United Methodist Book of Resolution, Paragraph 162 H) The rights of Immigrants; #3427,  F) The Death Penalty)