All Conference Staff

Bishop Laurie Haller

Rev Dr Harlan Gillespie

Assistant to the Bishop
phone 515-974-8903
fax 515-974-8953

Margaret Biggs

Treasurer/Director Administrative Services
phone 515-974-8919
fax 515-974-8969

Joni Mardesen

Dir Human Resources/Benefits Officer
phone 515-974-8940
fax 515-974-8990

Rev Dr Arthur McClanahan

Iowa Conference Director of Communications
phone 515-974-8906
fax 515-974-8956

Mr Bryan Johnson

Director of Camps and Retreats
phone 515-974-8913

Rev Dr Jaye Johnson

Director of Congregational Excellence
phone 515-974-8931

Rev William Poland

Director of New Communities of Faith
phone 515-974-8926

Rev Dr Lanette Plambeck

Director of Clergy and Leadership Excellence

Rev Jerry Oakland

Interim Director of Connectional Ministries

Dr Mary Bellon

Director Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling
8401 Douglas Ave Suite 3
Urbandale IA 50322-2910
phone 515-244-2994

Shannon Bardole-Foley

Camp Registrar/CCMC Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8946

Diane Brockmeyer

Exec Secretary to Bishop Laurie Haller
phone 515-974-8902
fax 515-974-8952

Sara Carlson

Admin Asst to the Asst to the Bishop for Administration
phone 515-974-8904
fax 515-974-8954

Felicia Coe

Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8911
fax 515-974-8961

Mrs Nitza Dovenspike

Conference Secretary Iowa Annual Conference

Emily Graber

Senior Staff Accountant
phone 515-974-8923
fax 515-974-8973

Timothy Horsch

Assistant Treasurer/Controller
phone 515-974-8936
fax 515-974-8986

Courtney Levin

Staff Writer/Social Media Coordinator
phone 515-974-8908

Barb Mann

Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8905
fax 515-974-8955

Kristina Merfeld

Staff Accountant
phone 515-974-8938
fax 515-974-8988

Roland Minshall

Director Information Technology / Conference Statistician
phone 515-974-8924
fax 515-974-8974

Linda Remster

HR Benefit Coordinator
phone 515-974-8921
fax 515-974-8971

Nancy Renda

Administrative Assistant / Administrative Services
phone 515-974-8920
fax 515-974-8970

Dee Dee Sobotka

Administrative Assistant/Special Projects Coordinator
phone 515-974-8912
fax 515-974-8962

Alex Stambaugh

Systems Technican
phone 515-974-8941
fax 515-974-8991

Jill Stanton

Address Services/Journal Editor
phone 515-974-8917
fax 515-974-8967

Lisa Steel

Director Ministerial Services
phone 515-974-8939
fax 515-974-8989

Liz Winders

Associate Director of Communications
phone 515-974-8907

Mr Philip Carver

Interim Associate for Congregational Excellence
phone 319-986-2095
fax 319-774-5561

Rev Ryan Christenson

Interim Associate for Congregational Excellence
phone 712-732-0812
fax 712-732-0955

Rev Melissa Drake

Interim Associate for Congregational Excellence
phone 712-243-8573
fax 712-522-3410

Ms Naomi Sea Young Wittstruck

Interim Associate for Congregational Excellence
phone 515-974-8914
fax 515-963-0443

Meredith Stubbe

phone 515-974-8900

Mrs Kathy Potter

phone 515-974-8900

Rev Dr Heecheon Jeon

Superintendent Central District
phone 515-974-8910
fax 515-963-0443

Ms Wendy Lubkeman

Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 515-974-8918
fax 515-963-0443

Rev Kiboko Kiboko

Superintendent East Central
phone 319-365-6273
fax 319-365-5310

Mrs Ann Zeal

East Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 319-365-6273
fax 319-365-5310

Rev Carol Kress

Superintendent North Central District
phone 515-832-2784

Mrs Alanna Warren

North Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 515-832-2784
fax 515-619-5793

Pastor Paul Wilcox

District Superintendent Northeast
phone 319-268-7502
fax 319-774-5524

Karen Wersinger

Northeast District Adm Assistant
phone 319-268-7502
fax 319-774-5524

Rev Ronald Carlson

Superintendent Northwest District
phone 712-732-0812

Ms Judi Calhoon

Northwest District Administrative Assistant
phone 712-732-0812
fax 712-732-0955

Rev Paul Smith

Superintendent South Central District
phone 641-342-1644
fax 641-243-4128

Mrs Susan Booth

South Central District Administrative Assistant
phone 641-342-1644
fax 641-243-4128

Rev Dr Lilian Gallo Seagren

Superintendent Southeast District
phone 319-986-2095
fax 319-774-5561

Miss Sherry Swanson

phone 563-293-1361

Rev Terra Amundson

Superintendent Southwest District
phone 712-243-8573
fax 712-522-3410

Jamie Newbury

Southwest District Administrative Assistant
phone 712-243-8573

Rev Dr Katharine Yarnell

Associate Director Iowa United Methodist Foundation
phone 515-974-8929

Mrs Alyssa Mills

Director of Accounting Iowa United Methodist Foundation
phone 515-974-8909

Cassie Parks

Accounting and Loan Specialist Iowa United Methodist Foundation
phone 515-974-8929

Amanda Jensen

phone 515-974-8927