Ankeny-Malawi "Partnership of Hope"


Lester Mhone, Kephas Mtambo, and Len Pallas discuss the "Partnership of Hope" between the Malawi UMC and ANkeny First UMC. Lester is a Malawi agriculture specialist and manager ofthe Malawi UMC farm.  Kephas is chair of the Malawi UMC agriculture committee.  Len is the Ankeny First UMC host for Lester and Kephas during a week of their month-long visit to the United States.  While here they will participate in ECHO, a sustainable agriculture training program.  Church of the Resurrection is substantially supporting them during their US visit.  Lester and Kephas describe the 46 acre farm, 25 acres of which are currently being cultivated, irrigation on the farm that will make possible several crops per year, the bore hold that brings fresh drinking water to the 500 people living near the farm, buildings currently on the farm and being planned, including storage of grain and equipment and a yet-to-be-built church.  In our conversation they also encourage people from Iowa to become part of the "Partnership of Hope" and join with them in the sustainable ministry. (Right click here to download an MP3 file) (Click here to see a photo galley of the farm, well, and VBS in Malawi)

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