'Raising Generous Disciples'


"Generosity is one hallmark of a disciple," says Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane, Interim Associate General Secretary of Discipleship Ministries.  "As a connected church," he adds, "we are doing extraordinary ministries, across the world and right in our own communities."  

In a series of five presentations, set for April 14-16, entitled, "Essentials of Vital Stewardship: Raising Funds or Raising Generous Disciples?" Ken will thank us for what we are doing and talk with us about fresh ways to "put the right eyes on and put the right ears on" to see the powerful stories of how differences are made in many lives.  He'll talk about how our shared mission giving is unique and how we, together, are helping to bring about "a new day."

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He has been the pastor of congregations in New Jersey and on the Conference staff as well as serving the church through United Methodist Communications and Discipleship Ministries.  The conversation is with Dr. Art McClanahan,

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