#BeUMC Video Gallery

Iowa #BeUMC Videos

Pastor LeAnn Robine shares how the Corning UMC youth is showing their community what it means to #BeUMC.
Rev. Chad Jennings discusses why John Wesley's concept of grace is a reason for him to #BeUMC.
Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson has a conversation with Ann Trimble-Ray, Brooke Boals, and Sam Harding about why they are choosing to #BeUMC.
Riverview Park District Superintendent Ron Carlson talks about his trip to Africa University where he learned the idea of Ubuntu - I am because we are.
Chris Congdon, Technical Director at Cedar Falls First United Methodist Church in Iowa, shares why he loves the connection in The United Methodist Church.
Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson, Director of Congregational Excellence  for the Iowa Annual Conference shares how that whenever he is fortunate enough to share holy communion, he is reminded that just as Christ died for all, the Table is also for all.

#BeUMC Videos


What does it mean to be United Methodist? 

Find out from Dr. Ashley Boggan Dreff, General Secretary of the General Commission on Archives & History, as she shares what United Methodists believe and how we are to live our faith in the world around us.

Watch this video from the Celebrate UMC event held June 13 during the Alabama West Florida's Annual Conference. The featured speaker, Reverend Tom Berlin, is so inspiring as he discusses who the UMC is and will be! 

#ProudtoBeUMC Videos


Why UMC?

Video 1 - Adam Hamilton talks about why he became a United Methodist, saying, "...because I saw what it stood for...a faith that is fully Orthodox, and yet where you can ask questions, where the Bible was loved and treasured and you were meant to read and study it."

Love of Scripture

Video 2 - Hamilton says we interpret the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit, the tradition of the church, and what other Christians have believed throughout the ages. We also interpret it with the help of our intellect, reason, and experience. 

Committed to  Christ

Video 3 - Hamilton says that the UMC is a church that believes that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the light, He is the savior of the world, He is the divine son of God, that the world was made flesh in him, that He died and rose again.

Human Sexuality

Video 4 - Hamilton says is going to have a greater opportunity to reach younger generations if the UMC says there is room to disagree but is a church that radically loves all people including gay, lesbian and trans people.

A Future with Hope

Video 5 - Hamilton says that the UMC will work together as a connection, reach people for Christ, deploy people in the world to serve in mission and ministry, provide camps, resources and curriculum.

"I don't know what the GMC is going to do, but I know what the United Methodist Church is going to do. And I think we can do more."


A Future with Hope

Video 6 - At the Leadership Institute, Hamilton share a bit about what is compelling about the United Methodist Church and address misinformation being shared by the GMC.