Bishop Operational and Conference L3 Teams

Bishop's Operational Team 

The Bishop’s Operational Team is an adaptive team named by the Bishop established to: Launch and coordinate the work of The Communities Of Faith Team, Kaizen Leadership Team,  Aligning Resources Team (staffing), The Communications Team, and shepherd the Conference in developing a more healthy culture around our Mission, Vision, Strategic Priorities, and our Wildly Important Goal of Every church in the Iowa Annual Conference will develop a process for intentionally forming disciples of Jesus Christ by the year 2020.

Members of the team: Bill Poland, Greg Survant, Christin Nevins, Betty Stone, Bishop Laurie Haller, Barrie Tritle, Lanette Plambeck, Margaret Borgen, Joni Mardesen, Karen Dungan, Maggie Biggs and Arthur McClanahan.

Loving, Learning and Leading (L3) Teams

Budget Team


  • The Budget Team was formed by the Bishop’s Operational Team to recommend a missionally driven 2020 apportioned budget that is $1,000,000.00 lower than the 2019 budget.  The work of the team will go to the Bishop’s Operational who will make a recommendation to the Council on Finance and Administration. 
  • The Budget Team is in the process contacting the Conference Boards and Agencies, the Appointive Cabinet, to invite input and seek collaboration in reducing expenses and focusing our shared resources on our strategic priorities. 
  • We will also be planning  ways to solicit input from our clergy and laity in local churches. 

Member of the team: Lynn Calvert, Duane Daby, Lindsay Drake, Paul Burrow, Jon Disburg, Maggie Biggs, Harlan Gillespie, Bishop Haller, Lilian Gallo Seagren, Bill Poland, the convener.

Communities of Faith Team

Member of the team: Lanette Plambeck, James and Helen Parks, Chad Jennings, Chris St. Clair, Lauren Loonsfoot, Lindsey Drake and John Louk.

(Kaizen) Leadership Team 

Member of the team: Margaret Borgan, Heecheon Jeon, Marilyn Lancaster, Jeff Anderson, John Rothlisberger, 
Lynn Calvert and Diane Eberhart. 

Communication Engagement Team

Member of the team: Art McClanahan, Liz Winders, Courtney Glienke, Chris Condon, Eric Wylie, Paul Burrows, Wil Raney, Jim Ellenberger, Jason Larson and David Wendel.

Faithful Stewardship Team









Member of the team: Ron Carlson, Kerrin Kirkpatrick, Betty Stone, Maggie Biggs, Kiboko Kiboko, Duane Daby, Roland Minshall, Dave Peterson and Jon Disburg.