Jaymee Glenn-Burns


When did I learn that I was not enough?  Was it that day in Sunday School when I was happily drawing random multi-colored lines on my paper plate and my teacher said, “Jaymee, why don’t you color pretty like Annie?  You’re just scribbling”?  Was it in elementary school when I was always among the last picked for gym class teams or playground games?  Was it when a teacher criticized my drawing of a horse?  Many of us learn early that we are not enough and that this competitive world rewards those who ARE enough.  I suspect that all of us at times feel not enough.

When did we learn that our church is not enough?  Was it when attendance started declining or the offerings went down?  When people we loved left our congregation for the church down the street?  When a consultant gave us a list of the things we’re doing wrong?  Did we feel inadequate when families began spending Sundays at soccer games or swim meets instead of at church?  We who have given our lives to the church may feel like our congregations or our leadership are not enough.

Too many of us have grown discouraged.  We have forgotten that we are indeed God’s chosen people, that we are holy and beloved.  Just the way we are.  We have something to offer this troubled, broken world.   It’s not hard to see how, as Franciscan priest and teacher Richard Rohr puts it, “wounded people wound others.”  Can we also see that as far as God is concerned, we are the chosen ones, beloved people who love others?  Of course that’s more difficult than it sounds, which reveals how desperately the world needs this loving.  With God’s help, just maybe we can do it.

Who are the people you will love and how will you convey to them their belovedness as precious children of God?  Here’s the commercial:  join us on Saturday, October 14 for a workshop on Practices of Discipleship from the Gospels.  See how Jesus formed God’s chosen and beloved people into holy, loving followers.

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