The Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club, a ministry of the Children and Family Urban Movement, is a year-round breakfast program for children. Housed in the Trinity/Las Americas United Methodist Church, the program serves a daily average of 80 children during the school year, and an average of 60 children during the summer months.

cfum.dmRecognizing that a hungry child does not learn, that many working families cannot afford before-school care, and that families need a place to take their children before the school opens, The Breakfast Club was established in 1968. The Breakfast Club creates community and supportive relationships while providing a meal, and a safe environment for children and youth, most of whom attend Moulton Elementary School across the street from the church.

The Breakfast Club has expanded in recent years to include more support for learning inside and outside the classroom. For instance, during the month of February, poetry month, activities focus on reading, writing and memorizing poetry.

“CFUM is making such a difference in the lives of the children and families,” says volunteer Judy Porter. “I think you’re most likely rerouting their direction in life to a more positive and productive one.”

CFUM was supported in part last year with an $8,000 grant from the Central District’s Matthew 25 fund, which was provided by the apportionment gifts of United Methodist churches across the state of Iowa.