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Five dollars worth of God

Jaymee Glenn-Burns


Part of discipleship is community and connection. Pastor Chris Ebbers is one of those preachers whose deep thinking and generous spirit inspire me. In this guest post he reflects with honesty and grace about the challenge of living as a disciple of ...

Muscatine Fiesta

Phil Carver


On Saturday, Sept 16, 2017, San Pablo United Methodist Church in Muscatine hosted a great fiesta in conjunction with Mexican Independence Day. The gathering attracted nearly 100 people. Participants had a wonderful opportunity to see the Quad City ...

The UMC: Hedgehog or Fox?

Bishop Laurie Haller


“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” This quote is attributed to the 7th century b.c. Greek poet and soldier Archilochus. Archilochus did not provide a background for his reflection, but it is generally accepted today ...