Builders Call

United Methodist Builders have been an important part of developing churches all across the Iowa Annual Conference. United Methodist Builders have helped new congregations buy land or build their first church facility. United Methodist Builders have provided funds to help established congregations update their facilities or build new additions.

Spring & Fall Builders Calls are made for specific churches which are either building new facilities or making major renovations. Recipient churches make application through their district office. Applicants are prayerfully reviewed by the District Parish Development Committee (Chair), the District Committee on Church Building and Location, the District Superintendent, by the Annual Conference Parish Development Committee, the Conference Board of Global Ministries and finally approved by the Bishop and Appointive Cabinet. Where possible one call each year is made on behalf of a recent new church start, and one for an established church building project.

Special consideration is given to emergency situations.

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Gifts to the Builders Call may be sent to:  United Methodist Builders, 2301 Rittenhouse St, Des Moines,  IA  50321
Or you may give through your local church offering, specifying Fall or Spring "Builders Call"

Builder's Call Resources

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