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Bishop Laurie Haller's Conversations on the Ministry of Local Church and Conference Finances

As a follow up to Bishop Laurie Haller’s Epiphany Address, she will be hosting virtual conversations on the ministry of local church and conference finances.
These conversations will be held at four different times on two Saturday mornings. Please choose the time and date that works best for your attendance:

 These conversations are for all local church pastors and lay members of local churches, especially for lay members who are key leaders in their churches. 


2020 Annual Statistical Reports

Along with the winter holidays comes the report of the local church statistics. The 2016 Book of Discipline ¶ 340.2c(2)(f) states that a pastor's responsibility is "to care for all church records, and local church financial obligations, and certify the accuracy of all financial , membership, and any other reports submitted by the local church to the annual conference for use in apportioning costs back to the church." A pastor may fulfill this requirement by ensuring that all statistical information for tables one, two and three are completed. As we have done in past years, we are asking all churches, to submit their statistical tables on-line by Monday, February 15th, 2021. Please visit the Statistics page on the conference website http://www.iaumc.org/stats for directions. 


District Hunger Relief Grant Funds Now Available!
As part of the Bishop’s Ingathering held each November, cash gifts are received in addition to quilt auction funds.  A portion of these cash gifts is returned to each of the eight districts in Iowa to be utilized in combating hunger in local communities through food pantries, feeding programs, community gardens, etc.  Churches may apply for a grant to fund a program that they themselves administer, or a church may pass an application to a local community agency that addresses hunger.
This year, $2,500 is available for each district to distribute.
An application form is now available, please click on the link below for your District Application.  

Jesus said, “…For I was hungry, and you gave me food…”

Central Hunger Grant Application

South Central Hunger Grant Application


In Mission Together

Central District

Greetings to you all, my mission faithful friends.

 What a year it has been, something we never could have predicted!

I pray you have remained healthy and well. It has been a challenge!

Our worship services have been interrupted; and our mission committee meetings disrupted. We have had to be creative in doing the Lord’s work.

I want to encourage you to complete & send your “In Mission Together” forms. They may look very different for 2020 and that is expected. 

Let me know what you had to forgo, what you did differently, how you adapted. I would love to hear how you discovered a new or different way to interact with and serve God’s people. Sometimes we surprise ourselves when working in unusual circumstances.

I’m going to suggest we work with a March 1st deadline (rather than Feb.15th) to send the forms electronically to me at oliverbkay@gmail.com

If you have questions or concerns, I can be reached at 515 266-1791 or the email listed above.

Thank you for being faithful in a very trying year.

Blessings, Kay Oliver

Central District Mission Coordinator


Re-Entry Update

We would like to thank you for your faithful response to the November 18th directive from Bishop Laurie Haller and the Appointive Cabinet that paused in-person worship and church activities through January 10th. You may recall this decision was made in response to worsening COVID-19 positivity rates across the state and the profound pressures being placed on our healthcare systems and frontline workers.  We deeply appreciate the ways in which you partnered together through Advent, Christmas Season and Epiphany to provide virtual worship, small group opportunities, and resourcing our local faith communities with pastoral care, stewardship planning and connecting with your broader community during this hard and holy time. After consulting with local leaders and healthcare personnel - and in review of reported numbers across the state - this directive will be lifted with a return to yellow status after January 10th.  READ MORE

To see a breakdown of Apportionments for your church for the 2021 year please see the Apportionment Calculator.

Streamed Services: Staying socially connected during COVID-19
The Iowa Conference Communications Office is assembling a list of ways you can continue socially engage in worship while practicing physical distancing. We will update this story with new streamed services as they become available. To submit a service time, please fill out this form with your church name, service time and a link to where the service is found online, Facebook, YouTube, television or radio station. Services won't be listed if URLs are not made available.  

You can see the list HERE.

Simpson Youth Academy

We welcome youth formed in all Christian denominations, youth from other religious traditions and youth who have no specific faith tradition.  See more about Simpson Youth Academy Here

Invitation From Conference Nominations for Additional Nominees
Thank you for the input and suggestions regarding the Conference Nominations Committee report and election at our July Virtual Annual Conference Session. We are pleased to have been able to offer 55 nominees for election to various Conference Agencies where there were openings. We feel confident that these new members will bring important talents and skills to our agencies over the next four years. Thank you to the District Nominations teams who worked hard to recruit these nominees and to those who have accepted new leadership positions for our Conference.            Read More...
2020-2021 Regions Map - Effective July 1, 2020 - See More...