CCLI License

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) was established in 1988 to provide churches with simple, affordable solutions to complex copyright issues. CCLI helps churches maintain their integrity and avoid costly lawsuits, while also giving churches the freedom to worship expressively and spontaneously.

Our Annual Conference and all District Events are covered under the following licenses:
Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) #2869133 which expires 5.31.16 and CVLI #501898451. We do not subscribe to SongSelect.

Local Churches need to subscribe on their own. You can subscribe at: or by calling them at 1.800.234.2446.

Church Copyright License Annual Fees are determined by church size. 


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The Church Copyright License Annual Fee - U.S. 

The Church Copyright License is an annual license. All terms are in effect only while the license is active. If the license is not renewed, all rights are terminated effective on the expiration date.



The quantity of copies allowed should not exceed the number of your "Church Size" category, with the exception that the quantity of recordings duplicated per service should not exceed 15% of the "Church Size" category.

Copyright Issues

The first modern law governing copyright protection began with "the Statute of Ann" which was passed by British Parliament in 1709. There have been several amendments around the world since then, including the Copyright Act of 1976 in the USA, and the Copyright Act of 1985 in United States.

The purpose of the copyright law is to promote the use of copyrights and at the same time protect the rights of the copyright owner.

A copyright is an exclusive right given to an author of an original created work. It is an asset, a legal interest, protected by law. Included in the exclusive rights given to the copyright owner is the right to copy the work into any form, including in print, on screen, or on tape.

The copyright law is very clear on copying music. If you do not have express permission from the rightful owner of the song, you can't make a copy. (It is advisable to have that permission in writing in case of need for legal reference.) There have been a number of copyright disputes, although most have been settled privately. You can imagine how uncomfortable it is for a Christian songwriter to address legal entanglements with a church.

Some church music leaders have made efforts to honor the law and have tried to obtain permission from the copyright owner before making copies. This is often a time-consuming challenge and, in many cases, an administrative nightmare.

Many have agreed -- the copyright law is fair but not practical. That's why more than 200,000 churches across North America are taking advantage of the Church Copyright License from CCLI.

Do you have questions about the copyright laws and how they might apply to you and your church? Please Email Sales.

For more information regarding copyright laws please refer to the U.S. Copyright Office at