Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Published on: 3/6/2019

Director of Children and Youth Ministries St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Dubuque, IA St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Dubuque, IA is seeking a full-time Director of Children and Youth Ministries who will develop and implement an inviting, spiritually transformative, exciting Christian ministry of discipling children and youth to transform the world in the name of Christ. Primary responsibilities include building relationships with children, youth and their families, developing teams of volunteers, and empowering parents to help children/youth become living proof of God’s love. Applicant must have a deep love of God and a passion and vision for ministry to children and youth. Applicant must also demonstrate organizational and administrative abilities, as well as an ability to operate as a team among other staff and volunteers. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Attn: SPPRC Salary and benefits: • $36,000-$46,000 • Stipend for health insurance • Vacation and sick leave Minimum Qualifications: • Experience in children/youth ministry or with children/youth in related field • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in ministry related field • Professional certification preferred: Christian Education, Youth Ministry or equivalent • Understands a variety of Christian Education models • Articulates, practices, and advocates for United Methodist theology and doctrine and polity Responsibilities: • Be familiar with the church’s overall goals and how they are achieved through the ministry for children and youth • Identify key people in the congregation and community to collaborate in building an active and growing child/youth program • Advocate for quality leaders and mentors who encourage children and youth to develop their own gifts, skills, strengths and ideas • Implement training for the conference’s child safety policies, procedures, and requirements • Work as a team with others to plan and carry out ministry to children and youth in wide-ranging programs that include worship, study, fellowship, and service opportunities • Be intentional in communication with organizations and resources in the community that connect children and youth to the community • Select appropriate education materials/curriculum for Christian education • Listen and communicate effectively with other adults, youth and children • Determine best course to build and promote an inviting and spiritually fulfilling and

Contact: Grace Ashbrook

Address: 1199 Main St Dubuque IA 52001

Phone: (563) 582-4543