Community/Volunteer Coordinator

Published on: 9/22/2020

Strategic objectives: Know the community and the needs Find partnership organizations in the community Connect and communicate with the community and St. Mark’s people Teach & equip volunteers to lead and assist with execution of ministry. Core Competencies: Mission Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of the mission, vision and values of St. Mark’s UM. Can teach them to others. Spiritual Maturity: has a personal spiritual growth plan and is able to talk about their personal faith and discipleship with others, particularly non churched and unchurched. Leadership Development: Demonstrates the ability to assist others in discerning their gifts, recruits people into appropriate places their gifts can be used, and trains volunteers with the skills they need to be successful. Team Building Skills: Guides leaders in sharing of best practices, identifying and solving command problems. Works with leaders to assess the health of teams and groups. Recognizes dysfunctional team behavior and redirects it into functional behavior. Creates and communicates vision, direction and goals for the team. Community engagement: knows the Iowa City area and non-profit organizations that are at work in our community. Demonstrates the ability to communicate with leaders of non-profit organizations to develop professional relationships that lead to partnerships in ministry. Outcomes: Intergenerational relationship building – children know the names of adults in the congregation (and vice versa) and have meaningful relationships Age-level relationship building – people in similar life phases will have gatherings for socializing, learning together and supporting each other Neighborhood band leaders trained to call and visit within their neighborhood (members & non-Members) and will communicate with staff of needs Small group leaders trained and supported so that small groups continue to reach out to others, welcome new persons and divide into new groups regularly. Each small group doing outreach, growth and service. Stephan’s ministry that is growing in number of Stephan’s Ministers and in care-receivers. (Or other training for lay care giving of people with long-term needs) St. Mark’s partnering with local, state and international groups whose mission and ministries match our vision for the Kin-dom of God. Partnerships that are long-term and fruitful for both partners. Members and Friends of St. Mark’s know these mission partners, are trained in volunteering with them, and generously support them Mission partners know St. Mark’s and see God’s love through us, recommending us as a place for their clients to worship. Members of St. Mark’s feel their gifts and interests are matched to service that makes a difference and is transforming the world in the name of Jesus. Clear ways to put their gifts to work in the community. Every group in the church is inviting in, welcoming and incorporating new people into the community. The Community around us knows St. Mark’s as a place that cares about the poor, we serve the community, and we stand for antiracism and LGBTQ+ inclusion. Members of St. Mark’s are trained allies who do no harm, and show hospitality to others regardless of differences. Primary Tasks: 1 Cultivator of Leaders Act as an advocate on behalf of the shared vision Develop and implement goals and objectives based on shared vision Organize ministry, mission, and educational activities that will promote and nurture spiritual growth Identify, develop, and support volunteer leaders in ministry and mission. Encourage members of the congregation to find new opportunities for mission Participate in Lay Leadership Committee Providing support for the Missions and Church & Society Committees Communicating the values and expectations of what it means to be a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ: Loving (1 Cor 13), Forgiving, Humble, Generous in gifts, time & talent, Honest, Attends worship & 1 other spiritual growth group, Sees others as beloved Children of God & treats as such Communicates values and expectations of what it means to be a leader within the church: Puts the good of the whole church, and those unchurched in our neighborhood, above personal taste and desires Seeks good processes and policies for the church of the future Centers decision-making on the example of Jesus, using discernment of the Holy Spirit Lead the congregation's invitational and newcomer ministries Help the congregation identify and carry out effective ways to welcome visitors and new members Help the congregation identify and remove barriers for visitors. Recruit, equip, and support members as they engage in welcoming ministries. Lead the congregation to develop ways to discern their God-given gifts for ministry and their call to discipleship. Lead the congregation to develop ways to match these gifts to the ministry opportunities in St. Mark's and the wider community. In the Future/Post Covid: Teacher/Leadership Developer in Age-Level Ministries/Spiritual Growth Recruit, train, and oversee volunteers who work with youth and their families Oversee development and maintenance of Sunday School, midweek programming, Vacation Bible School, and other children's ministry events Encourage the involvement of children in all aspects of ministry at St. Mark's Encourage children's spiritual formation and facilitate children's programming Cultivate of volunteers in the areas of children's ministry (includes being the staff member on Children's Ministry Council) Work with parents concerning spiritual formation matters and youth growth Modeling spiritual development with those who work with children and youth Organize ministry and educational activities that promote spiritual growth among adults Develop opportunities that help instill a sense of the importance of mission and service in the world

Contact: Sarah Rohret

Address: 2675 E Washington St Iowa City IA 52245

Phone: 712-330-7953