Clergy Orders and Fellowship

Spring 2019 Order of Elders, Order of Deacons, Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members Event

Tuesday, April 9th from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Ames, First United Methodist Church (516 Kellogg Avenue, Ames, IA 50010) 

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Resources from the Last Orders & Fellowship Event

Point of View Curriculum for One Day

Point of View (POV) is a curriculum designed to encourage empathy, understanding, and healthy dialogue in congregations divided over controversial subjects, specifically LGBTQ inclusion. It was developed by a team of clergy and lay people in the Florida Annual Conference, with the guidance of a company specializing in design thinking and collaboration. Its purpose is not to get everyone to agree with one another, but to fully listen to each other’s perspectives and contexts. Congregations throughout Florida are now utilizing this material in preparation for the special General Conference in 2019, and numerous Annual Conferences are now introducing this material their congregations.


Order of Elders

Order of Deacons

Paragraph 306, The Book of Discipline 2016

"All persons ordained as clergy in The United Methodist Church upon election to full membership in the annual conference shall be members of and participate in an Order appropriate to their election. An order is a covenant community within the church to mutually support, care for, and hold accountable its members for the sake of the life and mission of the church. These orders, separately or together, seek to respond to the spiritual hunger among clergy for a fulfilling sense of vocation, for support among peers during this stressful time of change in the Church, and for a deepening relationship with God."

Chairs, Order of Elders

Scott Lothe

Sean McRoberts


Chair, Order of Deacons

Chris Humrichouse


Co-Chairs, Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members

Jodi Rushing 

Michael D Stevens


Paragraph 323, The Book of Discipline 2016

"Each annual conference may organize a Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members. All licensed local pastors and associate members may be members of and participate in the Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide mutual support for its members for the sake of the life and mission of the church."