Co-Missioned: Missional Transformation Process

“God has a mission, and God’s mission needs a church!” The Missional Transformation Process provides an intentional, systematic way for congregations to embrace their future. The process is a two-year journey that assumes that God is at work in the world and that the task of the church is to participate faithfully in what God is already doing. 

Read this brochure for highlights of the process.

Congregations who embark on the Missional Transformation Process are involved in a learning journey of spiritual depth and significance to discern and embody God's mission anew. They journey by stages designed by the Center for Parish Development in Chicago: 

  • Getting Ready for the Journey.
  • Discovering Our Missional Context.
  • Discerning God’s Call.
  • Navigating by God's Vision.
  • Shaping Missional Life and Witness.
  • Living into a Faithful Future. 
Each church is lead by a Co-Missioned coordinating team selected by their church council. These teams typically meet with other church teams at quarterly training events. There participants gain knowledge about the process, work with a coach on goals, and learn from each other by sharing best practices along the journey.

Church members participate in the process, as well, through Bible studies that are woven into the experience. Three special congregational events of holy conferencing focus on the past, the present, and the future ministries of the church. Opportunities are also provided for evaluating current structure and organization in the church and designing missional strategies for the future.

The potential benefits of the process are numerous. Some that have been experienced by churches in Iowa include:
  • new leaders being raised up and equipped for service.
  • persons engaging in Bible study who have not studied the Bible before.
  • congregations energetically discussing the challenges that face the church of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.

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