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Adam Hamilton teaching session 1


Adam Hamilton presents "Effective Church Leadership," as the first of his teaching sessions for the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference. Hamilton is the Senior Pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

Design Task Force report


“Adaptive change” and “vision pathways” are the future for the Iowa Conference according to the Workforce Design Task Force (DTF).  Addressing the annual conference session on Sunday afternoon, five members of the group that has been working for two years reviewed the history, process, vision, and proposed next steps as well as responding to ...

Laity Address


Margaret Borgen presents her Lay Leader's Address to the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference session

Retirement Service


The Service of Recognition of Retirement celebrated the ministries of 34 persons.  Rev. Lilian Gallo Seagren offered a sermon entitled, "Discipleship in Various Love Languages."

Service for the Ordering of Ministry


Service for the Ordering of Ministry of the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference session. Bishop Julius C. Trimble was the preacher for the service or ordination, commissioning, and recognition of the completion of the course of study. It was held on Sunday, June 7.

Conference Artist


Ted Lyddon Hatton, Iowa Conference artist, invites the conference into a conversation

Episcopal Address


Bishop Julius C. Trimble's Episcopal Address to the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference

Service of Gathering and Remembrance


The Service of Gathering and Remembrance from the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference session. Rev.Dr. Karen Nelson was the the preacher for the service.

Treasurer's report


Conference Treasurer Terry Montgomery presents his report to the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference session

Bishop looks forward to annual conference


Bishop Julius Trimble looks forward to the 2015 Iowa annual conference session.

New system to recognize speakers at Annual Conference


Roland Minshall, the Conference's Director of Information Technology, has developed a system that makes it possible to recognize speakers more quickly during the Annual Conference session.  Tiny radio transmitters will communicate with a video monitor on the platform letting the Bishop know the order that people come to a microphone and their ...

Clear Lake UMC food pantry and HCI


Rev. Katharine Yarnell, Field Outreach Minister for the North Central District, speaks about the new food pantry at the Clear Lake United Methodist Church and how it grew out of a Healthy Church Initiative process that the church experienced.  She also talks about the benefits of HCI for other congregations and ways other congregations could ...

'Roll Down, Justice!' is 'joyful' for Carol Crandall


Carol Crandall is excited about "Roll Down, Justice!" an anthem commissioned in her late husband's honor and memory.  "Let the vision take flight" is her hope for what people will receive from Robert Crandall's life and the lyrics which were also written by composer Mark Miller.  "Roll Down, Justice!" will be premiered on Sunday, April 19, 2015, at...

Commissioning 'Roll Down, Justice!'


Josh Morgan, Director of Music and Organist at Grace UMC, Des Moines, talks about the commission of "Roll Down, Justice!" an anthem in honor and memory of Rev. Robert Crandall.  He describes the musical preferences he shared with composer Mark Miller and the honor it is for Grace to commission it's first choral work in nearly 30 years in a ...

'Roll Down, Justice!' honors Rev. Robert Crandall


"Roll Down, Justice!" is an anthem commissioned by Grace United Methodist Church, Des Moines, "in memory and honor of the life and ministry of The Rev. Robert S. Crandall."  It will have its premiere on Sunday, April 19, 2015.  Composer Mark Miller describes how the piece took "flight" in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan.  

Electing General & Jurisdictional Conference delegates


Conference Secretary Patty LaGree describes how General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates are nominated and elected.  Clergy and Lay delegates to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conferences will be elected at the 2015 Annual Conference session.  Dr. Art McClanahan has the story

Bishop's Mission projects at Annual Conference


The Bishop's Mission Projects at the 2015 Annual Conference are described by Jena Manchester in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan.  She invites everyone to pray and to support UMCOR and other missions of the Iowa Conference.

'Every church can have an impact'


"Every church can have an impact," says Rev. Clint Twedt-Ball, "when it comes to helping children to learn to read."  He spoke about the Poverty and Opportunity task force focus on literacy and how everyone and every faith community can make a difference in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan.



Rev. Francisco Cañas believes it's time "for the people of God to connect."  Cañas, director of the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry, spoke about the just concluded Third National Consultation on Hispanic/Latino Ministry with Dr. Art McClanahan

500 dresses for girls in Nigeria - 'it's worth it!'


Hannah Curtis sewed 500 pillowcase dresses for girls in Nigeria.  The sixth grader from Jefferson UMC and her Dad, Kent, brought them to the Conference Center recently to send them on their way.  Hannah encouraged others do to something similar - "It's going to be a lot of hard work, but in the end it's worth a lot, it's worth the effort put into ...

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