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Bishop encourages Simpson students


Bishop Julius C. Trimble talked about his personal journey and offered encouragement to Simpson College students.  He was hosted by Chaplain Mara Bailey and the Simpson Religious Life Community for an evening meal and conversation prior to preaching in Smith Chapel in November 2014

'I'm very very excited'


Rev. Kiboko I. Kiboko will be come the new Conference Superintendent for the East Central District, as of July 1, 2015.  He says that he's excited and that he's "going to do what God has in store for me to do...for all of us to do."  The conversation was with Dr. Art McClanahan

'My brother has turned something dark into something beautiful'


"My brother has turned something very very dark into something beautiful," reports Rev. Kiboko Kiboko.  "Instead of feeling sorry for himself he has been making a big hope to prisoners."  Vano Kiboko has been imprisoned in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for speaking out for justice and human rights since December 29, 2014....

'Service really matters' at IRMS


Sharon Strohmaier talks what Iowa Religious Media Services offers to United Methodist congregations, and other supporting faith communities, in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan following the organization's 29th annual meeting.  IRMS supports congregations of all sizes with a variety of DVD, VHS, audio and book titles, plus other resources, "...

'Ashes to Go'


Pastor Katie Dawson and Associate Pastor Todd Treese, of Immanuel UMC, talk abut the Ash Wednesday ashes and prayers shared at Grounds for Celebration coffees shop in Beaverdale in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan, recorded in the coffee shop.

'Bringing the Church to the People'


Reverends Martha and Bob Ward and Jeremy Poland reflect on bringing Ash wednesday to the people in the Skywalk in Des Moines in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan as the group gathered in the Skywalk at 5th and Walnut.

Rev. Dr. Lanette Plambeck receives Athena Award


"To receive an award because you are a relentless advocate and because you raise up that next generation of those who would have no voice if there wasn’t someone to help empower…it was awesome!" said Rev. Dr. Lanette Plambeck, pastor of Atlantic First UMC.  In a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan,  Dr. Plameck said, "The Athena Award is given to ...

Sermon leads to missions - socks and underwear


Alderstage (Urbandale) UMC pastor, Rev. Jon Bailey, talks about how a missies erie to collect socks and underwear for homeless persons in Des Moines emerged from one of his Advent sermons.  Partnering with Joppa Outreach more than one hundred packages were distributed to persons in need.  "It was meaningful and it was fun," Pastor Bailey reports in...

Rev. Kiboko Kiboko expresses concern for imprisoned brother


Rev. Kiboko Kiboko expressed his concern for his imprisoned brother, Vano Kalembe Kiboko, who has been held since December 29, 2014, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  A former congressman from Katanga Province, Vano Kalembe Kiboko has spoken out for justice and human rights.  Rev. Kiboko Kiboko, pastor of the Norwalk UMC, will be journeying...

Rev. Bill Cotton remembers Bishop Rueben Job and his hopeful presence


Rev. Bill Cotton remembers how Bishop Rueben Job brought a gracious and hopeful presence to Iowa, particularly during the farm crisis.  Bishop Job was Iowa's Episcopal leader from 1984 - 1992.  Dr. Arthur McClanahan interviews Rev. Cotton.

Margaret Borgen, Conference Lay Leader, looks to strengthen ‘bond of Christian faith’


Margaret Borgen is the new Lay Leader of the Iowa Conference.  In that role she looks to strengthen “the bond of our Christian faith.”

Town Hall Meetings sense 'a positive future ahead'


"There are a lot of people who are very passionate about being United Methodist in the Iowa Conference," said Conference Treasurer Terry Montgomery.  "In that passion there's a clear sense of a positive future ahead for us."  He talked about the recent Town Hall meetings and shared the six significant topics that emerged as major themes during the ...

Damka mission is transforming for Grandview UMC


Rev. Tom Shinkle talks about how the connection with the Damka village in Nigeria has changed his perspective, energized the Grandview congregation, and provided a potential future mission model.  Collaboration and partnership has been, and will continue to be important in an effort that has already provided a clean-water well and a school that in ...

'Our mandate is clear'


“Our mandate is pretty clear,” said Bishop Julius Trimble of the Iowa Conference, “when it comes to loving and welcoming the migrant, the stranger, our neighbor.” 

Bishop Ruiz speaks about care for persons


Bishop Felipe de Jesus Ruiz A. describes how United Methodist Church in Mexico congregations are caring for people who are migrating from Central America through Mexico.  Luis Velasquez provides the interpretation in the conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan. 

Bishop Trimble 'inspired' at Global Migration Conference


Bishop Julius C. Trimble, Iowa’s resident United Methodist Bishop, is inspired “particularly [by] our Methodist sisters and brothers in Mexico.” 



"#GivingTuesday was a major success" according to General Board of Global Ministries General Secretary Thomas Kemper.  "USA Today identified The United Methodist Church, along with Microsoft and PayPal," as leaders in this charitable response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Along with the $1 million commitment of The Advance more than $2.5 ...

Bishop Wenner shares hopes about Global Migration consultation


Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, Bishop of the United Methodist Church in Germany, expressed her hope that “gathering from all over the world, [we] might share together and collect our hopes, our experiences, our possibilities to be in mission with all people."

General Secretary Kemper believes migration inspires 'personal and social holiness'


Migrants, also called “the other me,” have “become the missionaries of the 21st Century,” according to GBGM General Secretary Thomas Kemper.  Migration, another participant noted, “has local and global ramifications…[can also] inspire personal and spiritual holiness.” He spoke with Dr. Art McClanahan at the beginning of the Global Migration ...

'Healthy discussion is very good for us'


Terry Montgomery, Iowa Conference treasurer, talks about the Towh Hall meetings that are underway, describing the conversations as "departure points" to start "more discussions," in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan

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