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'It's just good to see' everybody


"When you retire it's easy to feel disconencted and this way you feel, at least here, and at the one at the Annual Conference," Rev. Bob Burkhart said, "that the church cares about you and the Bishop cares about you and that you know what's going on and you feel connected for a while."  He spoke with Dr. Art McClanahan at the fall 2014 Retirees and...

'It's kind of fun' to be a retiree


For Rev. Neill Cross, the Retiree gatherings are important "to make connections with the other ministers - to have a sense that you're not alone."  He shared his thoughts with Dr. Art McClanahan

Get to know about Thrive


Jeremy Poland talks about Thrive, the new faith community that had it's first service in October.  He talks about the Thrive's mission and how people are discovering community through service in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan.

Town Hall meetings 'designed for feedback'


Terry Montgomery, Iowa Conference Treasurer, talks about the upcoming Town Hall meeting, set to begin on November 11.  "These sessions are designed for feedback," he says, "and I hope that we'll have good healthy discussions."  Dr. Art McClanahan has the interview.

The work of the Design Task Force


Rev. Tim Frasher describes the work of the Design Task Force in a conversation with Dr. Art McClanahan

A Focus on Children and Poverty


Dr. J. Robert Burkhart, former, retired Assistant to the Bishop for Administration, talks about the success of the Imagine No Malaria-Iowa campaign and a transition to a focus on Children and Poverty in an interview with Dr. Art McClanahan at the 2014 fall Retirees Gathering.

Imagine No Malaria nearing goal to eliminate suffering


Rev. Gary Henderson, executive director of the Global Health Initiative of The United Methodist Church, and Myca Alford, Senior Marketing Strategist, United Methodoist Communications, talk about the progress toward eliminating suffering from Malaria and how the "on the ground" medical presence has also been engaged in the fight against Ebola, in a ...

The True Vine Ministry

The True Vine Ministry


Mrs. Racelder Grandberry-Trimble, Iowa Conference's First Lady, talks about the origin and purpose of the True Vine ministry during a lunch time conversation at The Village in Indianola.

What Do You Think?


Rev. Harlan Gillespie's sermon, "What Do You Think?" from the worship service welcoming him to the Superintendency on the North Central District, September 28, 2014

Rev. Jon Disburg talks about the Daniel Plan


Rev. Jon Disburg, Pastor of Ottumwa First United Methodist Church, talks about the church's adoption of the Daniel Plan to guide it's stewardship of "faith, food, and fitness."  (More about the Daniel Plan is available at Rev. Disburg calls it "one of the easiest thing we've ever done."

Rev. Terra Amundson reflects on the Ministry Team installation service

Rev. Terra Amundson reflects on the Ministry Team installation service


Rev. Terra Amundson, Superintendent for the Southwest District, reflects on the installation service for the District Ministry Team, which took place on September 14, 2014.  The Team includes Rev. Melissa Drake, Field OUtreach Minister, and Shannon Schmitt, District Administative Assistant.  The conversation with with Dr. Arthur McClanahan, ...

Harold Long looks to the future


Harold Long, oldest male member of the Farrar UMC, talks about the 125th anniversary celebration, the heritagem and the fact that it's a growing congregation

Norm McCoy sees enthusiasm and commitment


Norm McCoy describes the 125th anniversary celebration at the Farrar United Methodist Church and how adversity in the community brought the people of the church working together better

Shonda Hay on the uniqueness and future of Farrar UMC


Shonda Hay describes what makes Farrar UMC, which celebrated its 125 anniversary on August 24, 2014, a unique faith community and describes her hopes for the future.

T J Craig on the Farrar UMC celebration


T J Craig speaks about the 125th anniversary celebration of Farrar UMC and what it meant to have Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble preach at the service

Warren Nielsen speaks about the responsive strength of the congregation


Warren Nielsen describes how the Farrar UMC, which celebrated its 125th anniversary on August 24, 2014, grows stronger by responding to needs in the community

12 from Iowa participate in Washington Immigration witness


Nataly Espinoza, Wendy Vazquez, and Rev. Brian Carter describe the participation of two Iowans who are heading to Washington DC to participate in an Immigration pray-in witness in front of the White House.  Their preparation and the fact that some will be arrested are included in the conversation.  Read the related story

2014 Annual Conference Monday Bible study


Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble led the Monday Bible study for the 2014 annual session of the Iowa Conference, The United Methodist Church

2014 Annual Conference Retirement celebration


Rev. Kathy Martin, herself a retiree, was the guest preacher for the Retirement Celebration of the 2014 annual session of the Iowa Conference, The United Methodist Church.  The service of more than 30 retirees was remembered, with thanksgiving.

2014 Laity Session


The Laity Session of the 2014 annual session of the Iowa Conference, The United Methodist Church.  Featured is Conference Lay Leader Dave Decker's Laity Address

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