Conference Nominations

Conference Ballot for Distribution - 2017 Final

Job Descriptors

Current Conference Leadership (Committees)

 Leadership Pool Form

Iowa Conference Leadership Pool Instructions:

Process at Annual Conference

All laity and clergy (including local pastors) who are willing to serve on a district or conference board or agency may submit their own names to the Conference Nominations Coordinating Committee for use in the leadership pool.

Process at Charge Conference

Each local church Lay Leadership Committee is asked to select at least one lay person with time, willingness and ability to serve in a conference or district leadership position. Clergy who are willing to serve may submit their own names. Leadership pool forms should be completed for each nominee and submitted to the District Superintendent.

General Information

  1. Complete this form fully, providing as much information as possible, for Conference and District Nominations Committees to match your interests and abilities with open positions.

  2. Names will be placed in the Leadership Pool, a computer listing used by the District and Conference Nominations Committees when filling open positions.

  3. If the Leadership Pool does not have persons matching the particular needs of a board or agency, nominations may be made of persons outside the pool.

  4. Not all persons in the pool will be nominated immediately for district or conference boards or agencies. However, each name will be kept in an active file for four years. 

Barb Oakland, Nominations Committee Executive Secretary:
Rev. Fred Lewis, Nominations Committee Co-Chair: 
Erica Shannon, Nominations Committee Co-Chair:

Boards and Agencies 

Administrative Agencies:

  • Communications Advisory Team
  • Council on Finance and Administration
  • Board of Trustees
  • Board of Pensions
  • Commission on Archives and History
  • Commission on Equitable Compensation
  • Annual Conference Session Planning Committee
  • Annual Conference Human Resources Committee
  • Committee on the Episcopacy
  • Committee on Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Conference Nominations Coordinating Committee
  • Conference Resolutions Committee
  • Committee on Rules of Order

Benevolence Agencies:

  • Conference Council on Connectional Ministries
    • CCMC Committees:
      • Program Review
      • Planning & Research
      • Ethnic Local Church Concerns
      • Native American Ministries
  • Board of Camp, Conference & Retreat Ministries
  • Board of Church and Society
  • Board of Discipleship
  • Board of Global Ministries
    • Standing Committee on Parish Development
    • Standing Committee-Community & Institutional Ministries
    • Standing Committee on Mission Education
    • Hispanic/Latino Ministries Standing Committee
    • Volunteer in Mission Standing Committee
    • Iowa Nigeria Partnership Standing Committee
    • Disaster Preparedness & Response Committee
    • Justice for Our Neighbors Committee
    • Mission Personnel Committee
  • Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry Board of Laity
  • Board of Ordained Ministry
  • Council on Youth Ministry
  • Council on Older Adult Ministries
  • Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns
  • Commission on Religion and Race
  • Commission on Status and Role of Women
  • Commission on Ministry with Persons with Disabilities 

District Contacts

Central:  Beverly Nolte

East Central:  Kimberly Bowles

North Central:  Fred Lewis

Northeast:  DeLyte Ebbers

Northwest: Robin Thomas

South Central: Linda Reida 

Southeast:  Lanny Hillyard

Southwest: Jan Phillips