Cornerstone Curriculum and Resources

Thank you for engaging in Circuit Ministry in Iowa, whether you are co-leading a circuit or taking these concepts to the local church.  It is hoped that Circuit Ministry along with the tools, concepts, and patterns described in this guidebook will provide the tools to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”   

The primary intent of this Circuit Cornerstone Curriculum is to provide guidance to each circuit in the Iowa Conference as each forms a solid foundation in its first year, focusing this material on the participants in the Circuit Meeting while expecting each church to adopt the pieces that fit its context.


The concepts in this guidebook are the intellectual property of Spiritual Leadership, Inc., except as noted otherwise, and are to be used in agreement with the Iowa Annual Conference within the conference’s communities of faith and other ministries.

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* Note that the videos for learning in Cornerstones 3 through 8 are still in development.  We expect to complete our update of the Cornerstone Curriculum by September 1, 2021.

Circuit Cornerstone Guidebook

Divided Out Circuit Cornerstone Guidebook

  1. Painting the Picture of Circuits
    pdf  |  word
  2. Introduction to Circuit Ministry
    pdf  |  word
  3. Abbreviations and Terms
    pdf  |  word
  4. Overview of Cornerstone Curriculum
    pdf  |  word
  5. Cornerstones
    1. Circuit Cornerstone 1:  Community
      pdf  |  word
    2. Circuit Cornerstone 2:  Covenant
      pdf  |  word
    3. Circuit Cornerstone 3:  Healthy Accountability
      pdf  |  word
    4. Circuit Cornerstone 4:  Missional Accountability
      pdf  |  word
    5. Circuit Cornerstone 5:  Context
      pdf  |  word
    6. Circuit Cornerstone 6:  Vision
      pdf  |  word
    7. Circuit Cornerstone 7:  Systems and Strategies
      pdf  |  word
    8. Circuit Cornerstone 8:  Putting It All Together
      pdf  |  word
    9. Going Forward (still in development, will be updated by September 1, 2021)
      pdf  |  word 
  6. Appendix
    1. Resources by Cornerstone
      pdf  | word
    2. Resources in Alphabetical Order
      pdf  |  word

      3 Accountabilities of Spiritual Leadership
      3 Practices of Spiritual Leadership video
      3 Principles of Spiritual Leadership video
      6 Processes of Spiritual Leadership
      Anatomy of Peace study guide
      Blank Circuit Agenda
      Blank Ministry Action Plan form
      Circuit Covenant Intro video
      Circuit Meeting Monthly Communication Record
      Example Local Church MAP document
      Intro to Circuit Ministry video
      Introduction to Circuit Ministry section of the Guidebook
      Intro to Covenant for Circuits slides used in video
      L3 Reading List
      Ministry Action Planning video
      Mission Insight Registration Information
      Painting the Picture of Circuits
      Sample Covenant 1
      Sample Covenant 2
      Spiritual Leadership Fundamentals video
      Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership summary
      Tips for Working with Me sheet

Still in Development

  • Our Iowa Vocation video
  • Resources: videos from SLI coming 
  • Resources


If you would like more information about Circuit Ministry for the Iowa Conference, please contact your district superintendent or Rev. Dr. Jaye Johnson, Director of Congregational Excellence ( or 515-974-8931).