Creating Difference Makers

In order to align better to where the general United Methodist church is heading, annual conferences were challenged to create goals for four areas of focus. The strategic vision for the 2017-2020 quadrennium is vital congregations so that we can equip people across the connection to be difference makers. This includes renewed and new faith communities, vibrant and transforming communities of faith, addressing the needs of poverty and the health needs of children. Below are Iowa's four areas of focus:

  • 2017 Creating Difference Makers: Principled Christian Leaders 
  • 2018 Creating Difference Makers: New Communities of Faith
  • 2019 Creating Difference Makers: Ministry With the Poor
  • 2020 Creating Difference Makers: Improving Health of Children

Difference Makers Nomination Cards here

Download a NOMINATION CARD, print them out and ask your congregation to tell you about how someone they know has made an impact on or changed their life. Have them drop the card in the offering plates. Collect the cards and hang them so folks can read the stories of how others have been a Difference Maker in their life.

Difference Makers Certificate here

Download a CERTIFICATE, print them out and give them to special people who Make a Difference in your church. Be creative on ways you can use these resources.

Download the Difference Makers Logos:


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