Design Task Force

The Design Task Force was created by action of the 2013 Annual Conference Session.  It’s charge is to respond to a section of the Strategic Priorities that focus on “aligning organizational structures and staffing resources for the sake of the mission and vision” (section 3-B)

The Design Task Force prepared an interim “Report to the Fall 2014 Information Sharing and Gathering Meetings”  that includes its philosophy, suggestions for staffing realignment, an overview of the task and process, summary of the meetings, and other resources.

Click here to see a proposed organizational chart, as presented at the 2014 "Town Hall Meetings"

For comparison, click here to see the current organizational chart

The Design Task Force looks forward to receiving input, questions and comments in response to the proposed structure.  Click here for a response form. 

The members of the Design Task Force are: Laity: D’Lyn Burns*, Lynn Calvert, Betty Stone; Clergy:  Curtis DeVance, Tim Frasher, Mike Morgan, Lanette Plambeck, and Barrie Tritle; Conference Staff: Joni Mardeson, Terry Montgomery; and Rev. Ken Ehrman, Consultant.  (*Opted off the Committee in Fall 2014)

Members of the Design Task Force have contributed to an occasional blog   

The Design Task Force has been represented at the series of "Town Hall Meetings" conducted by Conference Treasurer, Terry Montgomery.  Click here to see the Town Hall Meetings slide presentation.

Three presentations from the Town Hall meetings.  Click on the topic, below, to see the video:

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