Design Task Force Report

Executive Summary: 
The Design Team was charged with aligning the structures and staffing resources of the Iowa Annual Conference for the sake of the mission and vision. We came to a clear consensus through our work and consultations that making changes in the number of staff, job portfolios, job titles, or even accountability structures would not make the deep changes needed to align our staff and work towards our Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities. We understand this to be difference between making technical changes and finding ways to address the adaptive challenges and opportunities by mobilizing ourselves to "adapt to thrive." Therefore we propose a two year three interconnected team pathway process and a healthy conference initiative. This will require a "Healthy Conference Implementation Team" and an "Adaptive Change Process Coach" as we transition into our new way of being. It is our prayer that these process will guide us to thrive with God in Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.