Fall 2021 Orders & Fellowship event
Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Central Standard Time

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Big Creek State Park
8550 NW 142nd Ave
Polk City, IA

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Join the Fall Orders & Fellowship event Thursday, October 14th from 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at Big Creek State Park shelters by the beach to connect with God and peers. We've asked our leaders to build groups from an area of their passion and invite others to join them for the day. Sign up for the areas of interest to you as you register. This event will happen rain or shine. Register by Monday, October 11th. Registration fee is $20.

Activity options for the day include

Altaring Art (Painting Faux Stained Glass) led by Amy Johnson. Amy will facilitate a faux stained glass painting group.  No experience is necessary, and Amy will bring the supplies. Group lasts morning and afternoon.

Bees, Candles, and The Body of Christ led by Shannon Bardole-Foley. Talk through “bee stuff”, make a candle, and taste some honey—with a little bit of Jesus mixed in. Separate morning and afternoon groups.

Bicycling Big Creek and Being Balanced in Our Faithful Life (Bike Ride—Easy Trail) led by Mary Bellon. The group will gather at the beach at Big Creek and ride the trails.  Along the way, we will pause to reflect on the resource.
What to bring: Bicycle, sack lunch, water, helmet, good attitude, & book Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling:  Achieving Balance in the Modern World by Ben Irvine
Group will ride morning and afternoon—come to one or both.

Board, By Faith (Bring a Board Game to Play with Others) Bring a game and have fun playing with others.  
What to Bring:  Any game to play with others.

Canoeing the Mountains (Kayaking and Canoeing) led by Ryan Christenson. Playing off the themes in Canoeing the Mountains:  Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger, we will begin and end the day with conversation while spending most of the time on the water.
What to Bring:  Canoe/Kayak and Gear including life jacket

Celtic Spirituality led by Tim Bonney. A workshop to discuss the origins and practices of Celtic spirituality, why it is a compelling set of spiritual practices and interests, how people are utilizing Celtic spirituality in their daily worship, devotional and prayer life, and how it is related to the modern neo-monasticism movement. Group lasts morning and afternoon.

Fishing Faith led by Phil Rogers. Seeking to connect with God and others through sharing a passion of fishing.
What to Bring:  Your own sporting equipment and fishing license.  If you have a boat, we can expand our group size.
Group will span both morning and afternoon.

Knitting Just bring your projects and enjoy time with others.
What to Bring:  Bring your own knitting supplies and projects.

Frisbee Golf Big Creek State Park has an excellent, challenging 18-hole Frisbee golf course.
What to Bring:  Your own Frisbee golf gear.

Ride and Pie (Motorcycling as Spiritual Practice) led by Bill Poland
What to Bring:  Bring your own bike and gear.  Be ready to ride and eat pie. Money for pie along the way.
This group will ride in the morning, pause for lunch, and go out again.  Join for any part of the day.

Trees and Prairie (Hiking) led by Eric Schubert. Hike the trails around the state park.
What to Bring:  Your hiking gear.
This group will be during the morning session only.

Our Methodist Roots led by Les Green. The focus is on helping us connect with our Wesleyan Methodist Roots so that we may discover their enduring nature and the way in which they can ensure our ongoing usefulness to God and to the world.  The group will cover, in John Wesley's words, "the Doctrine, Spirit and Discipline with which we first set out". . . what we believe, how we express it and the way we are held accountable to each other and to Christ, in the conviction that our Methodist roots remain firm because they reach down to the bedrock of the Christian faith and that there is much vigor, strength and relevance to be drawn from reconnecting with them.
What to Bring:  a Bible
This group will span both morning and afternoon.

Visio Divina (Prayer Through Photography) led by Jaye Johnson. Visio divina invites one to encounter the divine through images. In this case it will be through your own photography!  You do not need to be an experienced photographer to be part of this group. Bring your camera (or your phone) and come ready to explore the beauty of God’s creation and to let God speak to you and the rest of us through it.
What to bring:  your own digital camera or phone
Group will span both morning and afternoon.

On the Wire (Sketching and Sculpting with Wire) led by Chris St Clair. Chris will lead the creation of individual wire sculptures as a time of reflection and prayer. Creating with wire has been art and therapy to me.  Exploring the art form and others who have found its allure has been tremendously rewarding.  
What to bring:  a couple pairs of pliers and a wire cutter. If you have wire you want to use, bring it.  Otherwise, Chris has plenty to get you started.
Morning Group, Afternoon Group.