Palm Sunday Procession & Service for Peace with Bishop Kennetha
Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time

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The Des Moines Faith Committee for Peace invites you to a Palm Sunday Procession and Service, where they will gather to raise voices in support of justice and peace. They will also lift up voices and prayers calling for diplomacy in Ukraine/Russia; an end to war and sanctions that kill in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine; and an end to violence here at home. 

The procession will begin in the parking lot of the Union Park United Methodist Church, 2305 E. 12th Street, and proceed to Community of Christ Church, 1645 Pennsylvania Avenue, for the Service.
If desired, you may go directly to the church for the service, or you can watch the service from home using this Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 865 5912 4132
Passcode: 50316
This ecumenical service is one of a series organized over the last twenty years by the D.M. Faith Committee for Peace. The first was in November 2002, praying and urging: Don’t Attack Iraq. War was wrong in 2002; war is wrong in 2023. Because U.S. involvement in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen has not yet ended, and because the war in Ukraine continues to rage, this is a time to lament the terrible losses of war and the national resources spent on warring and preparing for war. It is also a time to recognize the increased militarization of responses in situations of conflict in this country, and so we pray for peace and re-commit ourselves to the cause of peace and justice-making at home and abroad.  
This prayer service will express a vision of peace and justice and a position against violence and war.  We will remember the true meaning of Palm Sunday (a challenge to first-century economic/political powers) and renew our commitment to being instruments of God’s peace. 
Organized by Des Moines Faith Committee for Peace and co-sponsored by many organizations and churches.