The following are frequently asked questions regarding Conference, World, National, UMCOR, and Missionaries Advance Specials. Also, other information for sending in gifts through the Conference Treasurer's Office. Please e-mail the following address if you have a question.

Q: How does our church receive credit through Rainbow Covenant for gifts given directly to non-profit organizations and local projects that were not sent through the Conference?

A: The Treasurer's Office has what is called a "Voucher Credit Report" which we send out for your information once a year in January to those churches who have asked us to record amounts of money or the value of items given to local projects or other non-profit organizations. This report is provided to help with your recordkeeping and also these amounts are reflected in the statistical information that is printed in our Journal and sent to the General Board as part of our mission giving.

You actually receive Rainbow Covenant credit when you fill out your Rainbow Covenant Report at the end of the year and indicate monies that were given that have gone through the Conference and/or that have been given direct. The Rainbow Covenant Committee does not require you to have your gifts be reported either on the Church Statement or on the Voucher Credit Report.

However, if you would like us to record items on your Voucher Credit Report, please indicate on your remittance form the name and amount. Most remittance forms have a "Voucher Credit Info" section on the left column of the form for you to put these items. (All remittance forms will have this section in 2001.) Be careful not to add in these amounts when you add up the total dollars on your form to send into the Conference.

Q: Hillcrest Services is not listed in the Rainbow Covenant Book. What is the Advance Special number and which spectrum does it fit under?

A: Hillcrest Services was added as a Conference Advance Special after the Book was printed. It fits under the Blue Spectrum and the Advance Special No. is 53.

Q: Our church would like to give to the "Little Red Schoolhouse" in Nigeria, how do we send this in?

A: Indicate on your remittance form "Little Red Schoolhouse" No. 230, Blue Spectrum.

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