Contacting Administrative Services / Human Resources

When a name is listed in BOLD, then that person should be contacted FIRST with your questions. The other persons listed may be contacted if the primary person is not available, preferably in the order listed.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed at the bottom of the page.

For Questions AboutContact
Address Changes Jill, Nancy
Accounting Questions and Matters Tim, Emily
Cafeteria 125 Plan Kabel Business Systems
Check Requests Kristina, Tim, Maggie
Maggie's Calendar and Appointments Nancy
Church Remittances Except Direct Billing Kristina, Tim
Computers, (Hardware questions, Standard Software) District, Conference Center & Camps Alex
Computers, (Database and general questions) District, Conference Center, Camps & Boards/Agencies Roland
Conference Center Maintenance Matters Nancy, Maggie
Council on Finance and Administration Maggie, Nancy
Death of an Active Clergy Diane, Sara, Jill, Joni
Death of ANY Retired Clergy, Clergy Spouse, or Child of Clergy Diane, Sara, Jill, Joni
Direct Billing Joni, Linda
Disability Procedures Joni, District Superintendent
District Parsonage Insurance Questions and Claims Maggie
District Parsonage Major Repair, Maintenance, or Upgrade District Parsonage Committee, Maggie
District Parsonage Sale and/or Purchase Maggie
Health Insurance Administration Joni, Linda
Health Insurance Enrollment Joni, Linda
Health Insurance Coverage and Benefits Wellmark
Health Savings Account (HSA) Kabel Business Systems
Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Kabel Business Systems
Journal Questions and Changes Jill, Nancy
Key to Check Out for the Conference Center Nancy, Maggie, Alex
Label or Mailing List Requests Jill, Roland
Legal Matters Maggie, Joni
Loans - Rotating Emily, Tim
Moving Policy Administration and Expense Reimbursements Maggie, Nancy
Moving Policy Exceptions and Interpretation Maggie
Payroll Kristina, Joni, Maggie
Pension Administration and Enrollment Joni, Linda
Personal Pension Balances & Investments General Board of Pensions & Health Benefits
Pensions, Board of Joni, Maggie
Scheduling a Meeting Room In The Conference Center Nancy
Statistical Reports Roland, Maggie
Telephone Problems and Questions Roland, Alex
Trustees, Board of Maggie, Nancy
Workers Compensation Insurance Questions and Claims Joni, Linda

Phone Numbers:

515-283-1991 Switchboard
515-283-1996 Automated Attendant Direct with Extension Number

Contact PersonExtE-Mail

General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits 1-800-851-2201

Kabel Business Systems 1-800-300-9691

Wellmark 1-800-524-9242

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