Foundational documents

FACT Team Report    (2012)

  • Introductory Summary   The Council of Bishops commissioned the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) and the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) to partner in providing conferences with a Financial Advisory Consulting Team—known as FACT. With the presence of Bishop Don Ott, FACT worked with the Iowa Conference in July through September 2012, under the leadership of Bishop Julius Trimble, Reverend Bob Burkhart, Reverend Karen Dungan, Reverend Brian Milford, Reverend Chuck Smith (retired Treasurer) and Treasurer Todd Weber.  (Read more )
  • Final Report 
  • Podcasts about the  FACT Team 

Strategic Priorities    (2013)  

We believe we impact lives through the love of Jesus that is reflected in what we do. We do not have all the answers. We are on a journey of faith led by the Holy Spirit. We have entered into a new season of opportunity. As we travel together, we believe we are called to be unapologetically Christian and unashamedly United Methodist. We believe we are much stronger together than we are alone. We believe it is time for us all to unite to make a difference. When we follow and live out Christ’s example of generous love and compassion, the world will be transformed. How do you see yourself engaging these priorities now and in the future?   

 Creating World-Transforming Communities of Faith          

  • Establishing new communities of faith          
  • Increasing vitality in existing communities of faith      

 Equipping Ourselves and Others as Transformational Leaders          

  • Equipping lay leadership to disciple others and transform the world          
  • Equipping clergy leadership to disciple others and transform the world 

Directing Our Resources to Our Common Goals          

  • Developing and implementing an effective communications ministry          
  • Aligning organizational structures and staffing resources for the sake of the mission and vision.          
  • Increasing the financial health of the Iowa Conference 


Strategic Priorities  Summary 

Strategic Priorities detailed version   

Strategic Priorities FAQ's

Design Task Force (2013-2015)

The Design Task Force was created by action of the 2013 Annual Conference Session.  It’s charge is to respond to a section of the Strategic Priorities that focus on “aligning organizational structures and staffing resources for the sake of the mission and vision” (section 3-B) The Design Task Force prepared an interim “Report to the Fall 2014 Information Sharing and Gathering Meetings”  that includes its philosophy, suggestions for staffing realignment, an overview of the task and process, summary of the meetings, and other resources. - See more 


Final Design Task Force Report

The Design Team was charged with aligning the structures and staffing resources of the Iowa Annual Conference for the sake of the mission and vision. We came to a clear consensus through our work and consultations that making changes in the number of staff, job portfolios, job titles, or even accountability structures would not make the deep changes needed to align our staff and work towards our Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities. We understand this to be difference between making technical changes and finding ways to address the adaptive challenges and opportunities by mobilizing ourselves to "adapt to thrive." Therefore we propose a two year three interconnected team pathway process and a healthy conference initiative. This will require a "Healthy Conference Implementation Team" and an "Adaptive Change Process Coach" as we transition into our new way of being. It is our prayer that these process will guide us to thrive with God in Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  

Read the Final Design Task Force Report Here

Iowa Annual Conference Design Taskforce Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the Design Task Force Final Report Video