2009 Iowa Nigeria Partnership

Photos from the group that travelled to Nigeria in 2009

JSS Graduation

car wash in the stream

being gifted a chicken at Dinyavo church

Jim talking at the village wells seminar.

installing solar panel for refrigerator at Pero clinic

group at the John Wesley day at Mayo Gwoi church.

Dauda's (ADP man) medicinal garden at Pero

eye examinations

Meeting with the Governor

the car got stuck several times

a lady in Bagarmi receives a layette

group welcom to Bagarmi

the group relaxing under a tree after the long trip

The first 5 guests to arrive at the Jalingo guesthouse

Boys receive backpacks from the Sea Container

giving a sewing machine to Garbabi Bible School

fixing the Kakulu well

Cultural Day program at Jalingo N/P

Staff at BTS working on buildings

Completed Well - Jusuf and Linda

Completed well with good water at Didango, Jim and Ronald

Hut made for Ken with welcome sign on door

Yusuf in his garden teaching the group

Linda cooking over 3-stone fire

paraments from Iowa given to Bilhii church

installing new rod in well

Boy washing clothes

robes from Iowa on Choir members at Dinyaro

tailoring class

2 motorcycles bought with funds from Iowa

Jim and Linda gifted another chicken

woman getting water from a water hole

The well in Sensi - a bush village

JSS Graduation with Bishop Kulsh and Principal Jaranna

everyone helps - little boy with big box

partially finished church at Namnar

Seeds from Iowa made it to the "bush"

Kathy and Becca with nomadic herders

Linda planting corn with locals

with teacher and students at Jalingo N/P

Bogormi people with church in the background

loaded the truck and Warren and Verna on the ferry

Handing out School Bags

the adventurous group eating termites

the most common local toy

loading a truck with items from sea container

Warren and Verna unloading the sea container

Let the little children come to me at Didango

Jim cooking over 3-stone fire in the dark

The hut made for Ken

Yusuf preparing to transplant small A3 plant

Janlingo N/P Students singing for the INP Group

Hannah and Linda unloading the sea container