2010 Iowa State Fair

Photos from around the state fair and of visitors and volunteers at the UMC booth. Photos of displays where United Methodist Members items have been exhibited are also shown here.

Marilyn Ekle, Farmington's miniature dollhouse won purple and blue ribbons!

Marilyn Ekle, Farmington won a red ribbon for her novelty dollhouse

Meg Klink's photo was displayed

Meg Klink received honorable mention for this photo and had 2 others displayed

Gretta Wilkinson, Windsor UMC, and her quilt that was displayed

Gretta Wilkinson, Windsor UMC, received a blue ribbon for one of her quilts

Gretta Wilkinson, Windsor UMC's quilt entry

Millie Frese won a red ribbon for her quilt entry

Glenda Millard received a white ribbon for this entry

Glenda Millard received a red ribbon for this entry

Pastor Sheri Daylong (Bill in the background) and friend.

Lana and Amy competed in this category and both took home ribbons!!!

Amy Fuson, Indianola, also took home many many ribbons for her award winning food entries! Congratulations Amy!

Lana Ross, Indianola needs a box to take home all her ribbons! Lana - you are awesome!

Mr Kyle Evers, volunteer extraordinaire! We love our youth volunteers!

Pastor Christine Pauley and friends

Pastor Eldon Nolte applying a tattoo

Volunteers in matching t-shirts from Corydon

Pastor Diane Olson-Schroeder from Corydon

tattoos on chins

tattoos on noses

lined up for a tattoo - over 17,000 were applied this year!

tattoos on cheeks

tattoos on arms

Pastor Kevin Evers, Communications Manager

Non Stop Fun!

Applying Be Encouraged tattoos to fairgoers

Bert Wilson, Windsor UMC, on the panel and in person!

Keith Wilson, Windsor UMC

2010 Iowa State Fair Booth in the Varied Industries Building

Midway Fun

This sign was NOT in our booth!

A family from Australia stopped by the booth

Pastor Chad Jennings is an incredibly good sport!

Russ Potter applies a tattoo to his granddaughter, Cheyenne who stopped by the booth

Pastor Ed Powers, Cedar Rapids and Bob Anderson from Jefferson